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Chemistry 10 Syllabus

Fall 2006 SMC Department of Chemistry

Dr. Ethan B. Gallogly (aka “Dr. Ethan”)

Office: 283 Science, 310-434-3529 e-mail: gallogly_ethan@smc.edu Web site: http://homepage.smc.edu/gallogly_ethan/ Office hours: Mon 3-4 Sci 283; Wed 2-4 LRC.

Mini Exam

50 points

Exam 1:

150 points

Exam 2:

150 points

Exam 3:

150 points

Final Exam:

200 points


150 points


150 points

1000 points

Í Study Hint: homework is worth the same as an exam!!!


Text book: Karen C. Timberlake, Basic Chemistry, SMC Edition Lab manual: http://homepage.smc.edu/chem10 Other: Scientific calculator, approved safety goggles,web assign card,

locker card, study guides.

Homework: assignments are downloaded and submitted on-line at web-assign. Assignments must be completed and entered into the web by the due date for credit. Log-in at: http://www.webassign.net/student.html Username: Last Name_First (just like your smc log-in ID with no hyphens, middle names, or other symbols). For example: George Orwell = orwell_george, Homer J. Simpson = simpson_homer , De-Man Yu = yu_deman.

Institution: smc

Password: enter your SMC student ID number.

Exams: All exams are closed book (you will be allowed to bring in a calculator, a periodic table, and one double-sided 8.5" x 11" sheet of notes on most exams). Exams are multiple choice, contain problems of mixed difficulty, and include problems (with the numbers changed) from the assigned homework, reading and lecture materials. Around 60% of the final exam is cumulative. All exams are in class and last the full period.

Make up labs and exams: None.

Attendance Policy: -5 points per absence from lecture.

You will only be excused from an experiment, lecture, or exam with a valid medical excuse submitted to Dr. Gallogly within a week of the occurrence (if you will be absent for a prolonged time please call or e-mail). Late lab reports are downgraded 10% per calendar day. If you fail to attend or submit reports for more than two lab days you will not be eligible for more than a "D" grade for the entire course. If you do not take the final exam you will automatically receive an “F” for the course. Please look at the schedule of exams & finals and be sure to schedule no conflicts as there are no make-up exams, alternative times, or other accommodations

provided. Class attendance is monitored by sign-in sheet. It is your responsibility to sign-in each class.

What Grade do I have if. . . ?? All points are absolute; there will be no "curving" of exam scores. The following are approximate cut-offs for the total class points (see above) to help students determine class standing. These cut-offs may be lowered, but they will not be raised.

870 - 1000 pts


750 - 869 pts


600 - 749 pts


450 - 599 pts


< 450 pts


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