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Mrs. Jennifer A. Waters Mr. Kevin R. Westbrook Ms. Alice F. Wiggins Ms. Ann Willimont Elizabeth H. Winslow, Ph.D., RN Women's Health Specialists of Dallas, P.A. Randal Wooley, M.D. Ms. Chi-Hwa Yeh Mr. Calixto Zapien


$100,000 to $999,999 Raymond M. O’Keefe Trust

$10,000 to $99,999 American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc. Mr. Richard M. Frank Mr. Tim Headington Tod and Connie Mongan The NAH Foundation-Nancy Ann Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nixon, Jr. Bill Z. and Gayle M. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt Mr. Shane Shanafelt Southern Methodist University Wendiana

$1,000 to $9,999 Advanced Sterilization Products Agfa Corporation Jim and Janice LaRue Allergan Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Altshuler American Parkinson Disease Association Ms. Elizabeth P. Andelman Aztec OneSource, L. L. C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Badgett Bank of America Foundation The Dale Barrett Family The Rex Barrett Family BIOMET, Inc. Books Are Fun, Ltd. Brinker International Mrs. Carol A. Bult Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Burke, Jr. Bustin & Co. of Texas Catherine and James McCormick

Charitable Foundation Mrs. Stephanie S. Clifton Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of North Texas Alessandra Comini, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Slicker -

Mildred Cabe Cook Foundation Crown Development, Inc. Dallas Basketball Limited Vincent A. Deli, Sr. and Bruce Crim Discovery Partners, LLC Ms. Necia L. Earwood Ebby Halliday, Inc. EDS Mrs. Richard D. Eiseman and Family Ms. Julie S. England Ethicon Endo-Surgery Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Gayden Family Foundation Richard D. Guyer, M.D. Ms. Maryann Harwood Lyle D. Haskell, D.P.M. Mr. Henry C. “Peter” Beck, III HSD Charitable Trust Jackson Walker L.L.P. Ms. Brenda L. Jackson Anne E. Jernigan, M.D. JPMorgan Chase Mr. Jerry King Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Henderson Dr. Natalie and Mr. Jeffrey A. Light Mr. Thomas Luce, III Ronnie C. McClure, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGee Maureen Murry, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Namath

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Organon Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Perot Foundation Perot Systems Corporation Mrs. Russell H. Perry Potbelly Sandwich Works Presbyterian Hospital of Plano Dr. and Mrs. Karl Rathjen The Rosewood Foundation Ms. Sue Ann Scala Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Schmidt Leslie Harold Secrest, M.D. Mrs. Andree Lee Sehrt Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Software Spectrum Mr. Christopher Spafford Dr. and Mrs. C. Russell Sparenberg Texas Presbyterian Foundation Mrs. Jana K. Wertheim

Up to $999 Glenn and Patti Abbott Mrs. Ebby Halliday Acers Ms. Candace Adams Mrs. Carol J. Adams Mr. Jack Adams Ms. Amy C. Alden Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Alden Mr. and Mrs. M. Jay Allison Mr. Thomas P. Alston Mrs. Herminia M. Amlee Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Ms. Brenda K. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Antolovic Mr. Eric D. Archer Larry and Robin Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Arthur Mr and Mrs. Richard A. Arvizu Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Austin Avalon Residential Care Homes, Inc. Ms. Robin Babcock Mrs. Tina Baggett Mr. Horace A. Baker, Jr. Mrs. Leslie Squair Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Barajas Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Barb Ms. Merry Ann M. Bargonetti Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Barrett Mr. George G. Barrett Ms. Sheril A. Barron Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bartlett Mrs. Joyce F. Bass Mr. and Mrs. John B. Baxter Mr. John Beall Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Beam Mr. and Mrs. Randy Beaty Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Beavans, II Mrs. Aldorothy Beck Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Beck Ms. Yonwi C. Bell Mrs. Susan Diane Benskin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Berkowitz Mr. Robert J. Best Ms. Adele Elizabeth Beyl Mrs. Christine Beyne Mr. Erfan Bhojawala Mr. and Mrs. Charles Billings Mr. and Mrs. Claude Billings Mr. James A. Bingham Mr. James S. Birge Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bizub Ms. Nina Blackman Ms. Medina Blake Ms. Ali K. Bleecker Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Block Mrs. Mary B. Bohnhoff Mrs. Carolyn A. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Bob G. Bonser Mr. and Mrs. Toby Borneman Mrs. Dawn Lynn Bower Ms. Eva Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Boyle, Jr. BP America Production Company




Ms. Donna Bradley Ms. Dorian L. Brammer Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Braxton Mrs. Kathleen Brazier Ms. Joan M. Brennick Maureen Murry, M.D. and

Mrs. Patricia H. Dimberio Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Dobbs Mrs. Lynda D. Doell Skip and Elaine Dolt Mr. Jimmy J. Dominguez Dominion Oklahoma Texas Exploration &

A. Compton Broders, M.D. Ms. Christine Brooks Mrs. Shanda M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Bruenning Mr. Jay H. Bruner Mr. Tommy A. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Burau Mrs. Beth G. Burgess Burlington Resources Mr. and Mrs. Darvin E. Burnside Herbert and Jane Butler Ms. Elizabeth Cabrales Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Caldwell Holly and Art Callahan Mr. Sam Calvert Cardinal Health Med Prod and Services Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Cargill Mrs. Veronica Cargo Ms. Sis Carr Mrs. Christine A. Casteal Shari and Mark Caton Mr. and Mrs. Matt Chance Mrs. Maria S. Chapman Mrs. Swati Chauhan Ms. Donna K. Chavez Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Chester ChevronTexaco Ms. Kristi A. Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cisar, Jr. Mrs. Shana M. Clark Mrs. Susan M. Clary Dick and Becky Clem Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Jordon T. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Cockes Mrs. Carolyn V. Cogbill Ms. Lori Cole Ms. Ramona Joy Cole Mr. and Mrs. John P. Collins Ms. Michaelle Comer Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Connor Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Coogan Ms. Jana L. Cook Jill, Kelly, Linda and Niesje Bob and Nancy Whitacre Ms. Neta L. Cox Mrs. Stephanie D. Cox-Faust Ms. Cindy Crawford Mr. James M. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crenshaw Mrs. Jeannette T. Crenshaw Ms. Carol Ann Cromwell Ms. Tracie Croswell Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Crow Ms. Esther A. Crowden Bev and Wink Croxall Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Crutchfield Mrs. Ruby Culverhouse Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Cummings Curves, Kathy Holcomb and Pam Smith Mrs. Lizy Cyril Ms. Carole M. Dafft Mr. and Mrs. George Dahl and Cindy D. Clark Mrs. Beverly A. Darling Mr. John Daulat Jimmy C. Davis Family Ms. Joyce E. Davis Ms. Margaret Davis Mr. Larry De Boever Ms. Josephine DeFrank Mr. and Mrs. Greg Delong Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Denning Ms. Shannon R. Denton M.P. and Bob Deputy Mr. James DeRuvo Mrs. Alice M. Deshazo Mr. and Mrs. Greg M. Detamore Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dickey

Production, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George Donovan Mr. Al K. Doris Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. James H. Downe Ms. Linda Downey Mrs. Nancy J. Drummond Mr. Dale Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dunklin Ms. Maureen A. Durkin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Dusthimer Ms. Gail L. Dutcher Earl's Restaurant Mr. Julius Edah Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Edgeworth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Eggers Ms. Samantha Elandary Carol and Steve Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. Tom Elkin Lolly and Jack Ellis Enervest Operating, LLC Mr. Rod Ernouf Ms. Judy Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ernst Essman Associates Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Ewell Exxon Corporation Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Faldon, Sr. Ms. Frances L. Fallwell Ms. Colleen Faul Colleen Feil and the Sixth Grade Comet Team Patti and Chuck Felix Mr. James M. Findley Ms. Kim Flanery Mr. William Fleckenstein Michael and Sara Floor Mrs. Judy K. Flores Estate of Floyd S. and Alta W. Oldt Mr. and Mrs. Lex Forster Ms. Mary Lou Foster Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Foulds Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Fountain Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fouts Mrs. Sharon R. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Francis Mrs. Catherine K. Franzen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Frazier Mr. Donald Freeman Sol J. Freeman, M.D. Mrs. Judy Frizzell Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fuentes Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fuentes, III Mr. Doug Furrer Mrs. William R. Gabel Ms. Zhen Gao Mrs. Laura Garcia Ms. Maria I. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garnick Ms. Lisa Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Henry Giles, Jr. Mr. Henry L. Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Gist Ms. Linda L. Goelzer Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Goldman Ms. Zina Goolsby Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Gough Mr. and Mrs. Bob F. Gray Green Mountain Dallas Mr. Charles A. Green Mrs. Sherry Lynn Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Griesser Mr. and Mrs. Brian Griffin Ms. Malea M. Griswold Mr. Xiujun Guo Mrs. Maria Fe Gutierrez H & G Systems Incorporated


Diane Morgan Ms. Catrina D. Johnson Mr. Jack Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Johnson

Ms. Mary Lou Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Earl Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Hagelstein, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Hagle Mr. Kenneth Haigler Mrs. Janet R. Haley Ms. Vicki L. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Perry G. Hall Dr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Hallam Ms. Ruth Ann Haller Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Halvatzis Ms. Patricia G. Hamilton Hance, Scarborough, Wright,

Ginsberg & Brusilow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Hanrahan Ms. Tonya Harbison Suke and Tammy Hardy and Family Ms. Alice Byrd Hare Ms. Jane Ellen Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Harper, Jr. Mrs. April D. Harpold Mr. Bruce Harris Mr. and Mrs. D. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Hartnagel Dan and Barbara Hasbrook and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Havlick Ms. Marjorie M. Headd Ms. Paula J. Heather Mr. Michael W. Hefton Mrs. Ronda R. Hefton Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Held David and Jenny Held Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hendrick Tom and Cindy Hendricks Mr. and Mrs. Mark Henington The Hennessey Family Ms. Nancy V. Henning Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Henry Ms. Gay H. Hensler Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Grover L. Herrera Mrs. Cynthia L. Herron C. Robert Hewes, Ph.D. Wayne Raines and Lillie M. Higgins Ms. Sarah Jane Hills Ms. Eileen Hilton Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hinton Mr. Jeffrey S. Hochster Mrs. Kimberly G. Hodges Mrs. Eileen C. Hoffman Mrs. Patricia Hoffner Mrs. Cecilia J. Hogsett Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hogue Ms. Eluria E. Holland Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hollars Mrs. Micki L. Hollenbeck Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Holman Mr. John H. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Halbert Hopper Charles and Glorya Hornell Mr. and Mrs. Derk Hoving Pat and Susan Howard Ms. Rebecca Hughey Kimberly Hunt and Jeff DeNicolo Ms. M. Anita Hurtado Ms. Katrina A. Igle Pat and Susan Igo and Family Ingram Micro, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Irwin Dr. and Mrs. Dan I. Ives Mrs. Robin Izzo Scott and Cheryl Jacklin Ms. Fawzia N. Jaffee Ms. Fern Jaffee Ms. Julia A. Janich Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jernigan Ms. Janice D. John Debbie Johns, Weltha Warren and

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