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Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Johnson Mr. Jeff C. Jones Col. and Mrs. John A. Judd Ms. Julie K. Kalish Kappa Kappa Gamma, Inc. Iota House Board Mrs. R.W. Kemp, Jr. Mr. Truman Kemper Ms. Pat Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kennedy Laura and Ross Kent and

Michelle and Tom Eggers Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kersh Mrs. Jill A. Kessler Mrs. Cecelia Kilpatrick Dr. and Mrs. John T. King Tom, Alissa and Aidan Ms. Cathy S. Kissinger Jack and Patty Klepinger Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Kline Ms. Patricia J. Knowles Mrs. Frances Koch Mr. and Mrs. Richard Korpan Mr. and Mrs. Sepp A. Kortschak Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Kuehn Ms. Pam K. Kuerbitz Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kuhn Mrs. Sevilla N. Ladines Mrs. Rizza Laguna Reverend and Mrs. Robert Lam Chuck and Betty Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Trent A. Lancaster Jeff and Judy Landrum Mrs. Teal Carroll Lang Mr. Kenneth Langdon Laserscope Surgical Systems Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lauck Mr. James T. Laughlin Ms. Alvina R. LeBlanc Ms. Melissa W. Leibowitz Leigh Sunshine-Overbeck Mrs. Kimberly Boyd Lesh Mr. and Mrs. W. Russ Lessmann Ms. Carolyn M. LeTourneau Ms. Teresa J. Lettieri Mr. Hervey Levin Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lichtenwalter David L. Liland, M.D. Limestone Group Southwest, Inc. Ms. Ann Lin Mr. and Mrs. Jim Linch Mr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Lindberg Mrs. Theresa R. Lisenby Mr. Terry Long Heather and Brian Luke Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lummus Ms. Kitty Mei-Tak Lung Ms. Susan B. Lyle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Brock E. MaClean Mrs. Courtney C. Manasco Kathy and Fran Mangieri Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Margolis Mrs. Patti R. Marks Ms. Margaret L. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Onesimo Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Martynowicz Mrs. Sandra M. Mason Mrs. Cathi J. Massey

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    Mr. William V. Mays Mrs. Louise McAtee Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H.R. McClanahan McCone Insurance Group, Inc. Katie and Braden McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lynn McCoy Ms. Dianna J. McCracken Ms. Mary Kathryn McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. McCutchin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. McGinnis, III Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. McGovern Ms. Peggy McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Norris P. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. McLain, Jr. Ms. Billie Marie McMiller

W E G R AT E F U L LY A C K N O W L E D G E T H O S E W H O M A D E G I F T S O R P L E D G E S I N 2 0 0 4 .

Henry and Nancy McPherson Troy and Tiffany McSimov Ms. Rita Meditz Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Medlock Mr. and Mrs. Roger Merriam Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Merritt Mrs. Elizabeth S. Merucci Ms. Lydia J. Miller Ms. Susan Miller Ms. Susanna Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jason Milligan John and Karen Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mills Ms. Stefanie L. Minshew Ron and Connie Minzey Ms. Elaine Mitchell Bridget and Matt Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Mix Mrs. Martha L. Montgomery Monticello West Mr. Robert H. Mood Mrs. Margo M. Mullner Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr Mr. and Mrs. Randy Murihead Ms. Patricia A. Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Myers Ms. Michelle Myers Dr. and Mrs. William T. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Nadeau Ms. Constance Nance Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. Nash, Jr. Ms. Melissa L. Neal Ms. Wendi K. Nichols Ms. Margery F. Nickel Mrs. Marjorie Nickell Ms. Lydia Nix Mr. and Mrs. William F. Nolden Ms. Vicki E. Nunery Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Oates Mrs. Kathleen O'Connell Henry Ms. Paige Renee Olsen and

Mr. Brandon William Scott Ms. Edan E. O’Neal Mr. Jim O'Neal Mr. and Mrs. Antonio G. Orbegoso Mrs. Pamela M. Orr Mrs. Anne D. Pailes Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Parker Parkinson's Neurological Science Center Peter and Becky Paramater The Paslays Ms. Denise Patterson Ms. Sandra L. Pautler Mr. and Mrs. Genaro F. Perez Mrs. Hermione Peries Mrs. Marsha L. Perkins Ms. Eva Peters Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Volunteer

Department John and Sharon Pisciotta Maureen Pisciotta and Phil Monk Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Platt Don and Linda Pletcher Ms. Debbee Poche' Ms. Penny Powell Mrs. Carla M. Prascher Ms. Michelle J. Presenza Ms. Ann Ousley Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Presnal Mr. and Mrs. James K. Presnal Mrs. Donna J. Preston Ms. Susan Michelle Preston Ms. Debbie L. Priest Mr. and Mrs. Bob Primm Ms. Tammy L. Prince Mrs. Carol L. Proctor Progress Club Bart Pruitt, M.D. Ms. Joyce S. Pycroft Mr. Mark D. Rabe Mr. and Mrs. George J. Raff Jan and Bill Raisch Mr. and Mrs. Pravin S. Raj

Mr. Nick Rakagis Ms. Barbara E. Raley Ms. LueAnn Ray Mrs. Patricia Raymond Ms. Jonine M. Reeves-Sieber Mrs. Rosalina J. Referente Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reglin Ms. Tammie J. Reneau Mr. Ryan L. Reodica Mr. and Mrs. Juan Reyna Mrs. Sheila J. Reynolds Software Spectrum Facilities Department Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rhodes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Riblet Madeline and Andrew Rich Laurie, Lee, Leylea and Lance Richards Mrs. Bernadina R. Richey Mr. Tim Richison Toby and Janie Richker Riggs Family Foundation Ms. LaWonda Riley Mrs. Tamara J. Rivetna Mr. and Mrs. David B. Riviere Ms. Carol W. Roberts Mr. Steve Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Irving Roder Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Romanetz Mr. and Mrs. Irwin R. Rose Ms. Robin Rountree Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt E. Rousseau Mr. Stephen Ruffini Ms. Mary F. Ruschhaupt Nick, Jo, Mike Rutigliano and

Melissa and Jeff Laborsky Charlie and Wendi Ryland Hillary and Wallace (Buddy) Ryland Mr. David Samuel Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sanderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sanford Ms. Gayle Jensen Savoie Ms. Trisha L. Scarborough Mrs. Veronica Schaedler Ms. Barbara Schmidt Miller Mr. and Mrs. Justin Schuchat Dick and Jamie Schulte The Scrub Shoppe Beth and Randy Seger Clifford Seidel, M.D. Mrs. Patricia D. Shearon Ms. Maureen Sheehan Michael and Jana Sheehan Mrs. Marianne Shipley Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shipp Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Shirley Ms. Patty Short Maurice and Margaret Silva Ms. Jacquelyn N. Simonton Mrs. Richard D. Sims Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smalley Mrs. Amelia D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brenton J. Smith Ms. Delma Sue Smith Mr. Lawrence E. Smith Mrs. Sue Smith Ms. Susan Kay Smith Mr. and Mrs. Randall Smithson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Snobarger Sourceco, LLP Spectrum Properties, Ltd Ms. Susan Spence Ms. Mary B. Spicer Ms. Glenda Sponsel Ms. Diane Staacke Mr. and Mrs. Duane C. Standlee Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Stanley Mrs. Aryn Stapp Self Ms. Carole E. Steele Ms. Martha J. Steinbauer Ms. Kathryn Stephens Mark and Cindy Stevens Ms. Lisa Stewart

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Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Program

The Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Program provides scholarships to nurses and allied health professionals to attend continuing education conferences. Ongoing education is important to keep nurses and allied health professionals current on the latest trends in medical research, technology and procedures. To help offset the costs associated with attending continuing education conferences, the medical/ dental staff of Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas created the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Program in 1986. The program later expanded to benefit all Presbyterian hospitals.

With great appreciation, we list the 2004 Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Program Committee:

Steve Agatston, M.D., Chair James R. Ampil, M.D. Bernadine Bank, M.D. Walter F. Evans, II, M.D. Mark J. Fleschler, M.D. Gary P. Goldsmith, M.D. Keith Kadesky, M.D., Past Chair Allison M. Liddell, M.D. James D. Madden, M.D. Kristi McIntyre, M.D. Jane E. Nokleberg, M.D. Todd A. Pollock, M.D. Jimmie Shiu, M.D., Chair Emeritus Mark Till, M.D. Ralph J. Turner, M.D. Gary L. Weinstein, M.D.

Ex-officio Members

Mark H. Merrill President, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Martha Steinbauer, MS, RN, CNAA Director of Patient Care Resources

Margaret Martin, MSN, RN, C Vice President of Nursing & Patient Care Resources


Ben Casey President, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

Brooke S. Shelby Director of Major Gifts

Laran C. O’Neill Communications Manager




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