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Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stockton Ms. Traci S. Stoffels Mr. and Mrs. Randolph H. Stokely Mrs. Ina N. Strange Ms. Laura H. Strohmeyer Stuart Hose and Pipe, Ltd. Ms. Diana Stubblefield Mr. and Mrs. Laimons Sudmalis Ms. Arlene S. Suhanosky Ms. Mary Louise Summers Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sutter Mr. David A. Swartz Jan and Mike Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Ken A. Taliaferro Ms. Patricia A. Tally Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Tank Reecca and Scott Tankersley Ms. Pamela A. Tarrer Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Taylor, Jr. Temple Emanu-El Ms. Carrie E. Templeton Texas Petroleum Investment Company Ms. Gwendolyn R. Thomas Imogene Schramm Thomas Mrs. Penny Thomas Ms. Dawn K. Thompson Mrs. Mary E. Thompson Mr. Bob Trice Pam and Mike Truscott Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tuohy Mr. and Mrs. James W. Turkett Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Turner TXU Ms. Nighat I. Uddin Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ulferts Union Oil Company of California Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Upchurch Mrs. Michelle R. Vanderburg Mark and Deneen Vandergriff Ms. Sue Vanderwater Mr. and Mrs. J. Scot Vann Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Vitullo, Jr. Ms. Lisa M. Volkmann Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. James E. Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Walker Mr. and Mrs. James E. Walker, Jr. Ms. Wanda Walker Mrs. Kristin S. Wallach Ms. Fay Walston Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Walter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Walter Ms. Jacque Ward Ms. Lee Ann Warrick Mr. and Mrs. Steve Watson Mr. William R. Watson Mrs. Coleta L. Weathersbee Mrs. Patricia Webb Ms. S. Michele Webb Mrs. Martha Weil Howard J. Weiner, M.D. Mr. Tom Welfelt The Employees of Wells Cargo (South), Inc. Mary Patricia and John Klepinger Mr. Keith L. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Wells Mrs. Mary E. Wells Ed and Willy Welter Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wentworth Ms. Patricia A. Wheeler Rob, E. J. and Gracie Whitacre Mr. and Mrs. Joe White, Jr. Mrs. S. June White Ms. Dana L. Wichita Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Wiese Mr. Richard W. Wilhelm Ms. Cathie Wilkinson Ms. Maria Willard Ms. Melissa Willard Mrs. Carolyn C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Williams Ms. Ernestine Williams Ms. Linda L. Williams Mr. H.E. Williamson

Patricia M. Williamson, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Wilson Mrs. Paula R. Wilson Ms. Lisa D. Winfield Elizabeth H. Winslow, Ph.D., R.N. Mrs. Jan E. Winter Mrs. Lydia M Woodall Barbara Woodard, Ed.D. Sylvia Woodruff and Family Mr. Jim E. Woolverton Mrs. Dava G. Worsham Mrs. Katherine H. Wright Ms. Way Lien Wu Mrs. Deanna Xeros XTO Energy Mr. James Martin Yates Mrs. Lissy L. Yohannan Mr. and Mrs. Bogdan A. Zgirta Ms. Clara Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Zilio Ms. Iva F. Zook


$1,000,000 or Greater Estate of John K. Funk

$100,000 to $999,999 Edwin B. Jordan Family Foundation The Hillcrest Foundation,

Founded by Mrs. W. W. Caruth, Sr.

$10,000 to $99,999 7-Eleven, Inc. Blackwell Publishing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Denny Holman Kimberly Clark Foundation, Inc. Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas Medical Staff Mr. and Mrs. John H. Rauscher, Jr. Texas Health Resources

$1,000 to $9,999 Mr. C. Fred Ball, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Stover -

Communities Foundation of Texas Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Guest HealthStream, Inc. Ms. Jan Howard Pamela J. Jensen, M.D. Mr. Stuart A. Jones Ms. Patsy Kelley Mrs. Christine Gretchen Langston Ms. La Verne Naylor Mr. Charles C. Pierce, Jr. Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro Mrs. Harold N. Shannon Ms. Rose Marie Kraus Texas Cancer Associates, L.L.P. Texas Oncology Dr. and Mrs. Ali Toofanian Ms. Marie Tschumy-Winn Jack and Annette Vaughn Dr and Mrs Richard L. Voet

Up to $999

Ms. Candace Adams Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Adcock Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Agatston Ms. Veronica Aguirre Ms. Patricia Allard-Gould Ms. Shonda Anderson Anonymous Mr. David C. Ashworth and

Ms. Janet Moll, M.S., R.N. Ms. Roslyn Atkin Ms. Jan Barboglio Dr. Philip M. Becker and

Ms. Bonnie Kobilansky Leonard M. Behr, M.D. Ms. Rosa Belgard Mark and Kathy Bensabat Dr. and Mrs. David M. Bookout Mrs. William O. Braecklein

Lisa Browning Wayne Z. Burkhead, M.D. Mr. Tim Byrne Cadbury Schweppes-Shared Business Services Julye Nesbitt Carew, M.D. Mrs. Karen Carr Ms. Melissa Chessher Ms. Frieda R. Chyn CJF Resources Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Cohen Consular Corp. of Dallas/Fort Worth Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cooper Mrs. Jeannette T. Crenshaw Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dean Dr. and Mrs. John A. DePasse Barbara L. Durso, M.D. Mrs. Cynthia D. Ekes-Baillie Mrs. Michelle Elmenouar Reverend and Mrs. John C. Engelhard Dr. and Mrs. Mark Feldman Mr. Robert M. Fello Ms. Gloria E. Fields Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler David A. Fosdick, M.D. Ms. Lyle Foster and Ms. Katherine C. Mathes Ms. Terri Freeman Ms. Shelley Friend Mrs. Pat Fox Fulgham Dr. and Mrs. Dwain G. Fuller Ms. Carol Gentry Marvin Gerard, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Bob Gibbons Mrs. S. Lynn Gill Mr. and Mrs. James B. Goodson Mr. and Mrs. Don Gunnin Mrs. Gerry C. Gunnin Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Haben Donald G. Hafer, Jr., Ph.D. Katherine S. Hall, M.D. Harvill-Tschumy Clinic Ms. Beth Heathington Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Heemann Sherron Helms, M.D. Mrs. Jean Higgins Patrick L. Hodges, M.D. Ms. Wanda L. Holland Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hughes Mrs. Helle V. Hurst Richard H. Jackson, M.D. Mrs. Ashley Jones Ms. Beverly Judge Mr. Steven S. Kahne Mrs. Frances Koch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krovetz Michael Kurilecz, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Latham Dr. and Mrs. W. Robert Laughlin Ms. Tanya Lester Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Levin Benzel C. MacMaster, M.D. Ms. Debra Maitre Mr. and Mrs. Keifer Marshall, Jr. Ms. Margaret L. Martin Mr. Henry Marx Gwyn and Wilson Mason Ms. Kathryne D. Massey Ms. Leticia Mata

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    Mr. William V. Mays Ms. Denise McAllister-Randall Ms. Julie P. McFarland Ms. Gwenda L. McKee Glaucoma Association of Texas Beverly Miller, R.N., B.S.N. Ms. Mary Beth Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Monteith Mrs. Jenny Ferguson Mullen Ron Murphree and Judy Hardy Ms. Alva C. Mustain Daniel D. Nale, M.D. Ms. Edith M. Nash Ms. Shari Keely Newhouse

Dr. and Mrs. Hamlet Newsom Timothy D. Nichols, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Dan Noteware Dale Odell, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. F. Clark Odom Ms. Debra L. Ofstad-Seals Mrs. Laran C. O’Neill Mrs. Mary J. Parkhouse Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Landscape Services Ms. Judy Pittman Dr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Platt Mr. and Mrs. J. Key Powell Presbyterian Hospital of Plano Mrs. Debra Pronitis-Ruotolo Susan and Lou Reese Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Rhoton Ms. Carol W. Roberts Mrs. Patricia P. Roberts Ms. Elizabeth Robertson Marian K. Rowe Ms. Debby A. Rush Ms. Loretta Russell Mrs. Karen F. Sacks Sam & Cathy Manning Foundation Wolfgang Schmidt-Nowara, M.D. Gerald A. Schneider, M.D. Mardie and Alan Schoellkopf Donald E. Schwarz, M.D. Ms. Connie Sellers Nisarg N. Shah, M.D., P.A. Gabriel A. Shapiro, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron A. Shelby Dr. and Mrs. Neal C. Small Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith Ms. Debi Smith Mrs. Lana Jean Snyder Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Solomon Southwest Transplant Alliance Jaycile L. Spears, M.D. David R. Stager, M.D. Mrs. Pat Standlee Ms. Martha J. Steinbauer Mr. Norman W. Strang Mrs. Mary Sweek Mrs. Nancy A. Thies Mr. and Mrs. Jere W. Thompson Mrs. Joan Thomson Mr. and Mrs. Morland O. Tidemann Ms. Alice H. Townes Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Turner Sam Tyuluman, M.D. Mrs. Erwin I. Waldman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Waldman Mr. Chris E. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Wallace Mr. Ward Wallace Howard J. Weiner, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wentworth Mr. George E. Wilkin, Jr. Mr. Tucker Willis Ms. Doris J. Wilson Catherine Wilson-Quinones,

Louis and F.L. Rudine Elizabeth H. Winslow, Ph.D., R.N. Barbara Woodard, Ed.D. Ms. Della D. Wrightson Mr. James Martin Yates Mrs. Angelica T. Yrigollen Ms. Martha Zacharias


$100,000 to $999,999 Horace C. Cabe Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John T. Walter, Jr. -

Communities Foundation of Texas Harry S. Moss Heart Trust

$10,000 to $99,999 Wallace, Barbara and Kelly King

Charitable Foundation Trust Biogen Idec




$1,000 to $9,999 Abbott Laboratories Amgen Center CTRC Research Foundation Mrs. Richard D. Eiseman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hanson Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mrs. Lorraine Kaas

Up to $999 Mr. Eric D. Archer Centocor, Inc. Corrona, Inc. Ms. Wendelin L. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Herbic Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. Ms. Donna Hurt Junior Charity League Lester Optical-Dallas

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    Mr. William V. Mays Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Grady Ms. Ida Jo Reed Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Sehrt Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Sosnowski UNRESTRICTED

$100,000 to $999,999 Estate of Mrs. Fannie B. Kivlen

$10,000 to $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd R. Loven Mrs. Russell H. Perry Aline K. Porter Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Gage A. Prichard, Sr. Texas Health Resources

$1,000 to $9,999 Mr. Joseph Alcantar Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Farrington -

The Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Baldwin Bank of America Ms. Norma Lea Beasley Mrs. B. Clayton Bell, Sr. Mr. James B. Bougeno Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brackbill Mrs. Ben R. Briggs Mr. Robert M. Briggs Mrs. Annis S. Buell Mr. Jack Buteyn The Cain Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John W. Carpenter, III Mr. and Mrs. Van C. Ellis -

Communities Foundation of Texas Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cooper Mr. Thomas W. Craddock Mr. and Mrs. Barron U. Kidd -

The Dallas Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Deegan Reverend and Mrs. John C. Engelhard Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Epstein Mr. Roy Gene Evans Mr. S. Finley Ewing, III Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Fitts Mr. Richard M. Frank Mr. Eddie B. Freeman Mr. Brian L. Gerber Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Goldman Haggar Corporation Foundation Hoglund Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clay M. Hunt Mr. Thomas M. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Huss Mr. Charles A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Jordan Mrs. Melvin C. Kadesky Mr. Terry Kelley Ms. Anne Jordan Logan Mr. and Mrs. James K. McAuley Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Miller Betty Bell Muns, Ph.D.

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