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Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nixon, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Olmsted, Jr. Mr. Hugh S. Peterson Reverend Robert E. Price Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rabin Mrs. Carolyn Perot Rathjen Redman Foundation Mrs. Charline K. Rufi Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sanford Mr. H.D. Schodde Mr. Lee R. Slaughter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Slicker Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Smith Mr. James M. Spellings Edith and Herbert Stehberg Charitable Trust Mr. Bruce Stewart Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thomsen Mark A. Till, M.D. Tom Thumb Tucker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Turner Ms. Nancy E. Underwood Mr. Terdema L. Ussery, II Mrs. Jennifer A. Waters Mrs. Becky C. Williams

Up to $999 Ms. Zenobia Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Allen Mr. and Mrs. James S. Alley Ms. Nell E. Amos Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jay I. Applebaum Ms. Dee Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Atchley Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Atkins, III Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Austin, Jr. Mr. Leonard H. Roberts -

The Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred M. Bailey Mr. Dennis Baldwin Bank of America Ms. Karen A. Barrett Ms. Jane D. Barrington Mrs. Bobbie A. Bass Mr. A. J. Bauer Mrs. Jacquelyn C. Baxter Mr. Henry C. Beck, Jr. Mr. W. A. Bedford, Jr. Mr. Kevin W. Bell Mr. Ulysses S. Bell Ms. Mabelle M. Belle Mr. and Mrs. Carroll M. Bennett, Jr. Mr. Sherman Z. Bernon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Beverly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Bledsoe Ms. Jan Blue Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Bluestone Mr. Frank N. Borero Ms. Dorothy N. Boule Ms. Laura Boyd Ms. Margaret June Boyd Mr. Kyle Bradfield Mrs. William O. Braecklein Ms. Pauline D. Brahinsky Harry Breitbarth, C.P.A. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Bruenning Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Buell Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Bunch Burford & Ryburn, L.L.P. Ms. Marjorie N. Burley Mr. Dale R. Burton Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cahill Mrs. Evette Campbell Ms. Joyce Higginbotham Campbell Ms. Clarece Candamio Dr. William J. Carl, III Mr. and Mrs. W. Plack Carr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cavender, III Ms. Louise B. Caver

W E G R AT E F U L LY A C K N O W L E D G E T H O S E W H O M A D E G I F T S O R P L E D G E S I N 2 0 0 4 .

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Chambers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Chaney Mr. Lloyd Chatman Mr. William L. Childers Mr. and Mrs. Ching Chu Mr. Donald Clampitt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Clark Lisa H. Clark, M.D. Claude Lyon and Associates, Inc. Ms. Brenda G. Clow Mr. and Mrs. John Cofer Charles Max Cole, M.D. Ms. Opal Cole Mr. and Mrs. Russell Collier Mr. William Collier Mr. and Mrs. Edward Collins Mr. and Mrs. James C. Collins Mr. and Mrs. C. Lee Connell Conocophillips Company Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Cook Ms. Sue Cooper Ms. Margaret Corbett Mrs. Suzanne E. Costigan Mr. Gerald Counts Mr. Delbert I. Covington Mr. and Mrs. Gavin L. Cox Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Crago Ms. Beth Craig Mrs. Amy C. Crow Mr. and Mrs. George D. Cruz Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cummings Ms. Hattie A. Cunningham Ms. Rebekah J. Cunningham Mrs. Lisa Curry Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Curtiss Mr. Jerome B. Daiches Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Dalton Ms. Crystal Damron Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Daniels Mrs. Frances R. Darby Mr. and Mrs. Zerrell L. Davis Mr. Sonny Degraaf Ms. Bonnie Dixon Ms. Dorothy B. Donnelly Ms. Perry Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dunklin Ms. Ruthie L. Dyer The Edgar A. and Jeanne L. Jeffrey

Revocable Living Trust Mr. Thomas A. Edson Dr. Donna O’Steen Edwards and

Mr. Harold H. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Elizalde Mr. Jerry Ely Mr. Glen R. English Mr. Earl Erickson Mr. George Ertlmeier Dr. and Mrs. B. Henry Estess, Jr. Ms. Cleo W. Ewing ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. Colonel and Mrs. Bert P. Ezell

Revocable Living Trust Mr. Harry Fagen Ms. Hamideh Fakhimi Ms. Karen Farish Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Farmer Mike Fawcett, M.D. Mrs. Ellen M. Feldman Mr. John R. Ferguson, III Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Ferrara Mrs. Mary Jean Fischer Mr. Gary Fishburn Mr. Felicisimo Z. Floresca Mr. Dean Fogel Frishman Investments Mr. Cecil Fullen Mrs. Teresa Jill Fuller Ms. Mary A. Gable Mrs. Bartolena M. Galletta, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Galvani Ms. Jeanne A. Gangas Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo P. Garcia Cheryl E. Gardner, Esq.

Ms. Mary Alice Garza Mr. Arnold E. Gaston Mrs. Patricia L. Gatling Mr. Aslan Ghaffari Mrs. Margaret J. Gibson Allan D. Gilbert, M.D. Ms. Janet W. Gillie Mr. and Mrs. Burton Gilliland Ms. Jeanne Marie Girsch Ms. Sherilyn Godfrey Ms. Adrian Goldberg Ms. Gloria Gonzalez Dr. and Mrs. Philip Goodman Ms. Ariail Gores Ms. Dorothy J. Gorman Ms. Kathleen L. Granzberg Greater Dallas Chapter of Medical

Transcriptionist Ms. Doris M. Green Mrs. Patricia W. Griffitts Ms. Jane O. Grimes Mr. Louis C. Guevara Mr. Oscar M. Guevara Mrs. Marilyn M. Guzick Mrs. Robert B. Gwaltney Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Haayen Mr. and Mrs. Mansour Haghani Mr. Dean C. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Hammer Mr. Kevin Hardage John F. Harper, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Chester G. Haschke Mr. Frankie Hass Mr. John W. Hasse Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Hawthorne Ms. Carolyn Henn Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey Hicks Mr. George R. Hicks, II Mr. Ernest R. Higginbotham Ms. Lillie M. Higgins Ms. Lois Hill Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hinton Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Hirschfeld Patrick L. Hodges, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Glen E. Holley Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hooker Pam J. Hooper Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Halbert Hopper Ms. Mary Mac Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hudson Mr. Ken Hughes Hunt Oil Company Mr. Hunter L. Hunt Ms. Lynn W. Hunt Mr. Todd M. Hunt Mrs. Helle V. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hurtekant Ms. Barbara Ann Husel Dr. and Mrs. Gary C. Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Richards -

Hygeia Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mugurel C. Iosif Kenneth Jackson, D.D.S. Mrs. Kristina A. Jackson The James M. Collins Foundation Mrs. Yvonne C. Jander Mr. and Mrs. Kirk S. Jarvis Ms. Gloria M. Jeffcoat Mr. William A. Jessiman Mr. Dennis K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones Ms. Patricia A. Jones Mrs. Sandra J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. H. Grady Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jordan June A. McGuire and Peter G. McGuire

Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Kanoff Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Kazlow Ms. Sue P. Kimbrough Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. King Mrs. Judy F. King Mr. Chris W. Kleinert

Ms. Bonnie J. Kobilansky Dr. and Mrs. Irwin S. Korngut Ms. Wendy Krispin Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Krogh Ms. Beverly F. Lambert Ms. Patricia LaRoe Mr. Angelo G. Laros Ms. Bethany L. Lee Ms. Cherilyn Lee Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lee Mr. John Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. and Mrs. H. Hays Lindsley Mr. Henry D. Lindsley, III Harriette L. Livingston, M.D. Mrs. May W. Logan Mrs. Carrie Jo Lokey Ms. Toro Longe Mr. George F. Longino III Mr. Francisco X. Luna Mr. Ben F. Lutes Mr. and Mrs. George P. Macatee, III Mr. and Mrs. John MacKenzie Ms. Melissa Mackno Mr. and Mrs. James Maddux Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maddux Madison Group, Inc. Ms. Ana Maria Magaloni Debustamante Mrs. Claudia F. Males Mr. Peter N. Manos Mr. Herbert A. Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marsden Mr. Jon M. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Massad

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    Mr. William V. Mays Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard McClaren Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. McCormack Ms. Alice D. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. McDonald Mr. Edmond W. McGhee Ms. Nancy L. McGrael Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. McGuire Ms. Brandi F. McManaman Mr. and Mrs. Rex P. McNabb Ms. Camille McWhorter Mrs. Patricia A. Medrano Medtronic Mr. Teodosio Mejia The Meridian Company Ms. Terese S. Merrill and Mr. Mark H. Merrill Mr. Michael E. Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. Christian Taylor Metten Ms. Elaine J. Meyer Ms. Diane R. Miles Mrs. Mary V. Minick Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Mitchell Ms. Kay Mitchell Mr. John A. Moore Ms. Shirley N. Moore Mrs. Willie Jeanette Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Moraski Mrs. Jo Anna T. Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Mosle, III Ms. Shirley A. Motton Ms. Marcia I. Murphy Ms. Elizabeth G. Murray-Schadt Ms. Peggy J. Myers Stacy D. Naftel, Col. Mr. and Mrs. Jandrerai Naik Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. Nash, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Neff Mr. and Mrs. John E. Neill Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Newton Timothy D. Nichols, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Nicholson Mrs. Marjorie Nickell Dr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Michael Noordsy Mr. and Mrs. Leo Northington Ms. Alma S. Norwell Mr. Valentin Ocampo Mrs. Tiffany Ogletree

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Presby Partners

Presby Partners is an organization committed to sharing information regarding the rapid advances in medical technology and hospital services available to the community. Members participate in educational programs, tours and service opportunities. We gratefully acknowledge the 2004-2005 executive committee.

Executive Committee:

Barbara Gunnin Chair

Missy Desaloms Chair-Elect

Beth Blanton Secretary

Susan Cooper Treasurer

Ann Carelock Membership

Jana Koenig Parliamentarian

Committee Chairs:

Janet Nelson Arrangements

Renee Sims Member-At-Large

Missy Desaloms Philanthropic Review

Jana Koenig Programs

Jody Rindfleisch Yearbook

Barbara Knippa Volunteer Liaison




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