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Mr. and Mrs. Chris O'Neill Mrs. Patricia M. Orton Mr. John V. Oudomvilay Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paleschic Mr. Jose Ele Pantoja-Zapata Paragon Anesthesia Associates, P. A. Mrs. Judith D. Parks Mrs. Robert E. Parrent The Karkowsky Family Ms. Blair G. Patch Mr. Bob W. Patterson Ms. A. Faye Perry Mrs. C.B. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S. Peterson Ms. Godfreda Bec Pinsoy Mr. Dwight Pippin Mr. and Mrs. Aldo E. Plana Ms. Shea E. Polancich Mr. and Mrs. Foster Poole Mrs. Mary C. Poss Mrs. Cathy Potter Premier Inc. Mrs. F. F. Presley Mr. Phillip E. Prosser Mr. Howard Rainwater Mr. Ezequiel Ramirez Ms. Estelle Reece Ms. Ida Jo Reed Mr. W. A. Reynolds Ms. Sharene Richardson Reverend Royce W. Riley Mrs. William A. Robbins, Jr. Ms. Marybeth Robbins Ms. Brooksie Gilliland Roberts Darrell Robins, M.D. Ms. Beatrice Rodarte Ms. Hallie Rogers Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jean Ross Mrs. Dorothy B. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Russell Mr. Pioquinto Salinas Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Sanford Mrs. Barbara M. Sanger Mr. Rolland T. Scales Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Scates Mr. and Mrs. William L. Schilling Mrs. Judy A. Schmidt Ms. Vivian Schoenstein Ms. Susan K. Scholes Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Schottlaender Mrs. Paige M. Schulz Ms. Rose E. Scott Mrs. Carolyn Scrafford Mr. and Mrs. Frederic N. Scripps Ms. Nancy S. Semyan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sestak Mrs. Mildred H. Sharpe Ms. Sharon A. Shelby Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shepard Ms. Betty Womble Shepherd Ms. Angela M. Simmons Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Simpson Mr. Arthur Skibell Mrs. Elizabeth M. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slusser Mrs. J. Donald Smiley Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Smiley Ms. Carol L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James C. Smith Ms. Margaret V. Smith Ms. Sherry L. Smith Lt. Col. Ret. Ted J. and Maxine C. Smith Mrs. Jean S. Snodgrass Mr. Eckley B. Snow Mr. and Mrs. Oliver P. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Sparkman Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home Mr. Bert W. Speed Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Spruell Ms. Doris A. Stafford Mrs. Susan Stahl Mr. Carl C. Stapp Mrs. Claudean M. Starr

Mr. Charles H. Steere Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Stephenson Mr. Nicholas Stevens Mrs. Marcella Stogsdill Ms. Betty H. Stokes Mr. Paul A. Stotts Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Philip Strull Reverend and Mrs. Henry R. Suche, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Sweazea Swiff Family Living Trust Tasco Industries Mrs. Barbara L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Taylor Mr. William Hubert Temple Mr. Marshall N. Terry, Jr. Ms. Dorothy L. Tillie Ms. Nancy Tisko Mr. and Mrs. Bob Titus Dr. and Mrs. Ali Toofanian Mr. Loc Tran Ms. Sharon A. Traverse Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Trussell Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Urbanek Mr. Jerry L. Utley Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vance Mr. and Mrs. John Vandevoort Verizon Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Victory Mrs. Mary Villanueva Mrs. Lucius Waites Mr. Walter B. Waldie, III Mr. Carl Ray Walker Ms. Jean Wallace Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ward, Jr. Mr. Thomas W. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Warren Mr. Ellis H. Watkins Mr. Michael Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Grady W. Weir Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wentworth Terry P. White, Ph. D. Ms. Emily Sue Whitehead Ms. Robin Wilcox Mr. Edwin F. Wilkins Mr. Wayne G. Willems Mr. and Mrs. W. Willemstyn Ms. Barbara G. Willette Ms. Bette Williams Mr. William Williams Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wilson Ms. Sandra A. Wimberly Ms. Melinda Winn Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wisler, Jr. Ms. Winnie Womack Barbara Woodard, Ed.D. Mrs. Kimberly Wright Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Wynne, Jr. Mr. Chris Yates Ms. Carol M. Yonack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yonack Ms. Dorothy L. Yorston Mr. Clyde E. Young Mr. Matthew Zimmerer


$10,000 to $99,999 SkinCeuticals

$1,000 to $9,999 Carpenter-Smith Southwest (Nemschoff) Creative Tile, Inc. Ms. Sue A. de Mille

Up to $999 Brazos Capital Management Mrs. Elizabeth Burchardt Desperados Mexican Restaurant Dr. Delphinium Designs and Events Earl’s Restaurant Gershwin's Restaurant





Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greene Jason’s Deli KAT Environmental, Inc. Gerhard E. Maale, M.D. Mrs. Phyllis L. Moss Starbucks Coffee Company Taco Cabana Williamson Printing Corporation


$10,000 to $99,999 Bank of Texas, N.A.

$1,000 to $9,999 American International Group, Inc. Brazos Capital Management Briggs-Freeman Real Estate Brokerage Capstone Asset Management Company Mr. Blake V. Cecil Owens & Minor Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Marketing Department Texas Health Resources Transwestern Commercial Services

Up to $999 Mr. Michael D. Brown Compass Bank F.P. Filhiol-Banks


$10,000 to $99,999 Tom Thumb Store

$1,000 to $9,999 The Dallas Morning News Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. WFAA-TV Channel 8

Up to $999 Dallas Lite and Barricade, Inc. The Finley Ewing Cardiovascular and

Fitness Center Fossil Holt Power Systems Jason’s Deli Java Coast Specialty Brands Run On! Schering Plough Six Flags Over Texas Wolf, KPLX

In Honor Of

Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation appreciates those who made gifts in honor of friends, family and care- givers in 2004. Listed in bold, we acknowledge those who are honored with these gifts.

Mrs. Ann S. Alspaugh Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mr. Blake Armstrong Brent Armstrong, M.D. Bernadine Bank, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Shelby Mr. Eugene Barham Dr. and Mrs. Hamlet Newsom Dr. and Mrs. Evan S. Bates Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Bruce R. Beavers, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Bell Mr. Kevin W. Bell Master Duncan Andrew Billings Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Antolovic Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bartlett Mr. Erfan Bhojawala Mr. and Mrs. Charles Billings Mr. and Mrs. Claude Billings

Mr. and Mrs. Darvin E. Burnside Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Eggers Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Francis Col. and Mrs. John A. Judd Laura and Ross Kent/Michelle and Tom Eggers Dr. and Mrs. John T. King Tom, Alissa and Aidan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Korpan Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. McGinnis, III Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Myers Dr. and Mrs. William T. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Pravin S. Raj Mr. and Mrs. David B. Riviere Mr. and Mrs. Laimons Sudmalis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tuohy Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Walter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Walter Mr. Robert M. Briggs Mrs. Ben R. Briggs Alan L. Brodsky, M.D. Mrs. Louise McAtee Ms. Helen Broome Ms. Maryann Harwood Ms. Thea Jane Camerata Ms. Sarah Jane Hills Master Cooper Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Derk Hoving Ms. Fawzia N. Jaffee Ms. Fern Jaffee Mr. and Mrs. James J. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lauck Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lynn McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Oates Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Upchurch Ms. Jacque Ward Ms. Linda L. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Casey Howard J. Weiner, M.D. Dr. James Chanez Ms. Candace Adams Dr. Lisa and Mr. Hugh Clark Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clark Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mrs. Margie Claster Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Turner James S. Cochran, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hanson Ms. Linda S. Cole Sherron Helms, M.D. William Cox, M.D. Ms. Candace Adams Master Cooper Hudson Crowell Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Henderson Shounack Das, M.D. Mr. Henry Marx Mr. and Mrs. James Davis Mr. and Mrs. W. Russ Lessmann Ms. Sue A. de Mille Ms. Maryann Harwood Miss Avery Nicole Deli Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Deli, Sr. and

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Crim Dr. and Mrs. Roger Emerson Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Reverend and Mrs. John C. Engelhard Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mrs. S. Finley Ewing, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cavender, III Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mrs. Maynard F. Ewton, Jr. Ms. Candace Adams Ms. Veronica Aguirre Ms. Shonda Anderson Ms. Tanya Lester Ms. Leticia Mata Ms. Loretta Russell Ms. Debi Smith Clancy Maureen Fallwell Frances L. Fallwell Troy and Tiffany McSimov Bridget and Matt Mitchell

John and Sharon Pisciotta Maureen Pisciotta and Phil Monk Michael and Jana Sheehan Maurice and Margaret Silva Mark and Deneen Vandergriff Mr. Paul E. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Farrington A. Compton Broders, III, M.D. Ms. Shayna Feldgus Dr. Mark Feldman Dr. and Mrs. Mark Feldman Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Mr. and Mrs. Chris O’Neill Stacie Flanery, M.D. Greater Dallas Chapter of Medical

Transcriptionists Mark Fleschler, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krovetz Ms. Dianne Foster Greater Dallas Chapter of Medical

Transcriptionists Dirk A. Frater, M.D. Ms. Candace Adams Mrs. William R. Gabel Mr. Sherman Z. Bernon Ms. Ariail Gores Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Wynne, Jr. Greer Garson Gala Committee Ms. Katherine C. Mathes and

Ms. Lyle Foster Dr. and Mrs. Bill L. Gunnin Mrs. Gerry C. Gunnin Mr. and Mrs. Don Gunnin Mrs. Gerry C. Gunnin John F. Harper, M.D. Sol J. Freeman, M.D. Robert A. Harris, M.D. Catherine and James McCormick

Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Hawthorne Mrs. Gerry C. Gunnin Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Premier Inc. James Herndon, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Dr. and Mrs. John Hillyard Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Richard C. Hinton, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Sosnowski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hum Lawrence Hum, M.D. Deacon Paul Husting Ms. Constance Nance Dr. and Mrs. Gary C. Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Mitchell Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Jackson 2 East Staff Mr. and Mrs. David O. Turner Richard H. Jackson, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David O. Turner Rajeev Jain, M.D. Mr. Henry Marx Mrs. Louise McAtee Mrs. Jack W. Jones Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Jay M. Jones, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey Hicks Ms. Margaret Jordan Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Albert Karam Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kardesch Mr. and Mrs. Irwin R. Rose Dr. and Mrs. Michael Katz Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fleschler Dennis Kay, M.D. Mrs. William D. McBee, Jr. Mrs. Roslyn Kazlow Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Kazlow Mrs. Crystal Keys-Hennings Mr. and Mrs. David O. Turner Ms. Gina Kleinman Mr. and Mrs. David O. Turner

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