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GMA P 240m Security Studies B Syllabus (2005-2006) Last Revised: 3 June 2005

Global Master of Arts Program II, Third Term, 2005-2006

The Fletcher School Tufts University

GMA P240m Security Studies B: The Emerging Security Paradigm

Jeff Taliaferro Associate Professor of Political Science Telephone: (617) 627-5847 E-mail: jeff.taliaferro@tufts.edu Course Description

This is the second module in a two-module separately graded course on current issues in international security and the United States national security policy. This module aim to provide an intellectual foundation needed to analyze contemporary security issues.

The assignments during the Reading Period (1-20 August 2005) review some of the key theories and concepts that form the basis of security studies as a distinct area of study in international relations (IR). We will discuss these theories and concepts, as well as debates about U.S. grand strategy, during the mid-term residency in Washington D.C. (21 August to 2 September 2005).

During the internet-mediated period (30 November 2005 to 17 January 2006), we will examine some current security challenges for the United States including: the causes of terrorism and other asymmetric threats; the rise of China and the prospects for great power conflict in East Asia; nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) proliferation; third party intervention in ethnic conflicts; and debates about military transformation and conventional force structure.

We will consider the problem of "nation building" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the security implications of state failure, epidemics, border controls, and demographic trends during the closing GMAP II residency (12-24 March 2006).

Course Requirements

A portion of the CD ROM and assigned readings will cover each topic. Students should view the CD ROM, complete the assigned readings, and participate in the on-line discussions each week. This course has three requirements:

  • 1.

    Mid-term Team Paper (40%): The mid-term paper will be a 10 to 12-page (2000-2500 words) policy memorandum due on 17 January 2006 (Module & Term Week V). Each team will submit a single memorandum via email or the GMAP II website. The memo should apply the theoretical arguments to a "real world" international security issue of the team's choosing. The objective is to use theory as the basis for policy recommendations.

  • 2.

    Class Participation (20%): This portion of the grade involves quality and regularity of participation in the internet-mediated period. Students who make at last 15 substantive on-line contributions during the course will receive full credit for class participation. Please limit each on-line contribution to no more than 400 words. Also, please make sure your contributions address the questions for that week. I encourage active participation on the discussion board and I will frequently check and participate on the boards. However, I discourage overly long and "off topic" messages.

  • 3.

    Final Exam (40%): The final exam will be during the final residency period in March

    • 2006.

      It will be an in-class, two-hour exam. It will be based on all the material covered in this module. The exam will consist of two essay questions, designed to test your knowledge of relevant concepts and your analytical skills in assessing major themes and issues in the field of security studies.

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