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Global Master of Arts Program II, Third Term, 2005-2006 - page 15 / 15





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Richard Caplan, A New Trusteeship? The International Administration of War-torn Territories, Adelphi Paper No. 341 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002).

Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea M. Den Boer, Bad Branches: The Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005).

Discussion Questions

  • 1.

    Stephen Krasner contends that the two principal policy tools for addressing the problems of failing and collapsed states—governmental assistance and transitional administration—are inadequate. Since the notion of conventional sovereignty is part of the problem, Krasner calls for the creation of two new international institutions—de-facto trusteeships and shared sovereignty arrangements involving existing international organizations or regional great powers—to address the governance problems of failed or collapse states. Given that many states now labeled as collapsed or failing received independence from European great powers after World War II, what are the political and legal barriers to a system of neo trusteeships? How exactly would shared sovereignty arrangements alleviate security dilemmas within failed and collapsed states and among such states and their neighbors?

  • 2.

    Stefan Elbe examines the changing nature of warfare in Africa resulting from the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS infection among its armed forces and assesses its impact not only on combatants but also on African societies as a whole. In what ways has HIV itself become a weapon of war? What are the some the implications for armed forces, civilian populations, governments, and PMFs?

  • 3.

    Valerie Hudson and Andrea Den Boer trace the rise of offspring sex selection in China and India over the past twenty years that has resulted in a "surplus" of young men. They argue that such surpluses of young men increase the potential for internal and external violence, while diminishing the prospects for democracy. What is the hypothesized link between sex ratios in the Chinese and Indian populations and the likelihood of internal and external violence? Historically, how have other states dealt with the "problem" of surplus young men?


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