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  • Design plans for the Year 1 Sales Tax Sidewalks are 60% complete for the South Fairway Drive sidewalk and for the Alton Road sidewalk. Properties required for temporary construction easements have been identified and the information forwarded to the Real Estate Services Department.

  • Pre-submittal meeting was held on March 12, 2010, for the Year 2 Sales Tax Sidewalk Project, with submittals due by March 26, 2010.

  • Speed limits on Toledo Blade Blvd changed to 45 MPH in both directions. The project is complete.

  • 2,302 signs were repaired, 273 signs were manufactured, 10,155 signs were inspected, and seven calls for sign maintenance were completed.

  • 29 directional/informational signs on Walk the Palms Beautification Area along US 41 were removed.

  • 77 tons of asphalt was used to repair various roads throughout Charlotte County.

  • More than 2,000 (SF) of drainage maint completed in TGA on Gucci Dr -4,500 SF of swale Tribune Blvd graded, with additional 98,259 (SY) of vs roads in TGA graded; 19,294 SF of swale graded on Delake Ave, Greater Port Charlotte. Drainage maint conducted on Le Jeune Dr (TGA) 2,000 SF swale graded, 5,500 SF graded Kiskadee Dr (Lemon Bay Area). 145 pipes on vs roads throughout County cleaned. Over 473 linear feet (LF) of small pipes installed on: Kindred Blvd, Kiskadee Dr, and Keystone Blvd ahead of paving prog. 108 LF small pipes installed on Evans St, Tamiami Trail and Keystone Blvd. 1,500 SF of swale graded for drainage maint on Uruguay Dr. Over 317,000 cubic yards (CY) of brush was cut along County roadways.

  • More than 3,900 SY of major outfall work was completed in the Mid Charlotte Stormwater Utility. Six swaled intersection conversions were completed in the Kindred Boulevard area.

  • 3,318 SY road grading completed on Swiss Blvd & 3,518 SY graded in Ranchettes area.

  • 236,000 SF of ditch maintenance was completed in Mid-County Stormwater District and 65,000 SF in the South County Stormwater District.

  • 240 linear feet of small pipes were installed on Uruguay Drive and Onondago Drive in Deep Creek; and, 80 linear feet in the Keystone Boulevard area.

  • Completed 1.1 mile of shoulder repairs on Cazanovia Street in Greater Port Charlotte.

  • Repaired nine decorative light poles for the Manasota Homeowners Association.

  • Charlotte Commons Proj inspected traffic signal facility relocations/mast arm foundation installations and conduit connections.











US41/Enterprise/Paulson, SR 776/Toledo Blade, SR 776/Murdock Circle and US 17/Marlympia intersections. The LED displays were supplied by the Florida Department of Transportation. 2 Traffic Signal Tech’s attended Malfunction Management Unit (MMU) and loop detection training at Lee County Transportation Department. Annual Malfunction Management Unit and Conflict Monitor (CM) testing began on traffic signals to ensure all units are operating per specifications. Two Traffic Signal Technicians were certified as forklift operators following training at CCU. Inspected loop installation completed by contractor for Cty of P.G./Airport/Shreve/Pompano Sts Proj. Located and repaired an underground wiring short that caused all the roadway lights to go dark, from the Peace River Bridge north to Harborview Boulevard along northbound US 41. Repaired one light on the basketball court and one light on the tennis courts at Harold Avenue Recreational Center, and 10 lights at the County’s Placida boat launch site. Copper conductors stolen from the decorative lights at the Grove City Walking Park were replaced. 171 location requests for underground utilities generated 52 actual locates being performed. 15 trouble calls for repairs/troubleshooting/replacement of traffic signals, school flashers, road lights. MPO presentations to various community civic groups and other organizations including presentations made to Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority (GIBA) and Grove City Civic Association. MPO held its first Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) Meeting of 2010. Joint Charlotte County-Punta Gorda and Lee County MPO Board Meeting held and an agreement was reached to finalize an interlocal agreement between the two MPOs and Babcock Ranch Development regarding transportation issues.

Monthly Report, March 2010

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