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Misc, Safety & Security:




Misc: Attended AWWA Region X executive board meeting. local training in water/wastewater field. Safety & Security: Human Resources: Total positions: 202 (plus 6 in Finance); Vacancies: 9; 3 Line Techs; Recruiting: 1 Director, 1 Maintenance Mechanics, 2 Line Committee develops calendar for Frozen: 1 Inspector, Technicians, 2 Plant

Operators; SBP processed: Construction Inspector.

  • Administration:

Frozen; Frozen Positions:

2 Line Technicians, 1 Engineering






Sun River Utilities: Of estimated $11.5M needed to complete Authority’s Ph 1 Interconnect between WalMart Dist Ctr & City of PG’s Shell Creek WTP, Authority assigned $2M responsibility of Sun River Utility, but no agreement finalized -$4M of costs unassigned to any party. North Ft Myers Utility: No information from the PSC on the most recent Notice of Application for an Extension of Water and Wastewater Service Area by North Fort Myers Utility, Inc (NFMU). Ph 1A – Punta Gorda Interconnect: Expecting up to 11 pre-qualified contractor bids for construction services on 4/16. PRMRWSA: Due to heavy rainfall, as of 3/31 the Authority reported being completely full with 7.3 billion gallons of combined water storage in the reservoir and Aquifer Storage and Recovery wells (ASR). Peace River flows for January averaged 913 cfs and average withdrawals from the river were 18 MGD. Average customer demands were approximately 21.6 MGD. 2009 Annual Report: The PB Team has completed 100% of Task 1 (Review of the 2008 Annual

Report), Report),

100% of and 50%

Task 2 of task

(Inspection of 4 (Submittal

Facilities), 100% of the 2009 Draft

of Task 3 and Final

(Preparation of








submitted the draft report on 2/12, and completed the final report on 3/5. Area 1 Wastewater Service Program: A presentation was made to the BCC on Preliminary Engineering Report for this project. The project is now proceeding with

3/23 on the the outreach


program to the public through mid-April. Transmission Main (Stage 1):

various informational meetings and group presentations through

Design tech initiated start of design by importing existing GIS data


on utilities and storm water infrastructure and started layout of alignment from Riverwood to the West Port WRF. Production and Monitoring Wells: Well #16 had to have a 2nd

proposed 12” transmission main

set of samples taken for Gross

o o o

Alpha & Combined Radium. If the 2nd samples are satisfactory, Malcom Pirnie hopes to have final clearance of both wells by the end of April. Plant Expansion: Contractor continues to work on completing punch list items. WWRF Expansion: A proposal for rerating the plant has been received and is being evaluated.


Central & West Cty Water Model Water Model and now have very

Update: JE completed calibrating the Central Cty Hydraulic good correlation between model predictions and actual data

o o o o o

measured in the field. JE started simulation of the Area 1 water distribution system to necessary water main sizes along Edgewater Drive. Preliminary results were delivered week of March and are currently under review. Upgrade Tanks & Boosters: Walenda: All punch list items are to be completed by mid April. Golf Course: All final punch list items are to be completed by the end of April. Gulf Cove: All final punch list items are to be completed by mid April.

determine in the last

BSV Lift Stations: In-house revisions have been made to the station BSV-N. An upgrade to LS 412 will be necessary as

design to eliminate the proposed lift a result but the reduction in project

cost is significant. Cost savings have also been realized by submersible pumps with single phase grinder pumps. The

replacing the proposed three phase necessary plan revisions have been


started. East Port Headworks: Engineering submittals continue to be schedule is to commence construction no later than the first start earlier depending on major equipment deliveries.

made and approved. The current of June 2010. Construction could

Monthly Report, March 2010

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