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Accela User Group Meetings: IT begun scheduling regular User Group mtgs for Accela softwareto help keep key staff members informed on upcoming new features/releases, address any problems being encountered, and allow staff to share tips and tricks they have learned for using the software. Project Tracker Database Migration: Moved project Tracker database from aging BL-8 server to newer more robust PSC-SQL-1 server. This step in migrating our environment off of older, failing server software in order to stabilize the infrastructure. Data Warehousing Training: Personnel undergoing training on development and utilization of data warehouses. Concept will allow for:

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    Offloading of reporting from main applications to a dedicated report friendly server. This will potentially free up resources for application to run faster.

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      The use of web intelligence for more flexible reporting by department analysts.

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      The development of business dashboards with a specific purpose and story to tell.

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      Ability to track historical changes to data in applications that otherwise does not inherently have this capability incorporated into them.

EAMS User Group Meetings: Holding user group mtgs for high volume users of EAMS system. Purpose of these mtgs is to share tips, tricks and useful information; discuss product updates and enhancements; discuss ongoing issues and concerns. Mtgs held once per month beginning in 3/2010, and provide a forum in which users can help one another with IT guidance. A Sharepoint website has also been created so users can submit issues and share ideas. Increased Cape Haze Peninsula Plat Accuracy: Peninsula accurately drawn using available Platted Subdivisions & Surveys. Care has been taken in digitally representing shapes of lots and parcel of peninsula using coordinate geometry (which is a fancy way of saying bearings and distances of platted property boundaries). This will make the Lot and Accounts Layers on the County's web- site accurate. This will also help County's departments in there day to day operations. CH CRA Maps & Reports: Maps, data and ownership reports generated for proposed expansion of CH CRA. Expansion of CRA covers County owned properties including Hickory house. A report of the built commercial and industrial properties with owner name, account details, property and mailing addresses were also generated as a part of this project. Another aspect covered in this project was the demarcation and the creation of maps and reports for the Charlotte Harbor River walk area. Animal Control SharePoint Site in Production: Dept now entering Incident Reports while out in the field into SharePoint site -eliminates use of paper reports and transcribing work using paper. County Stadium Network Prepared for Rays Spring Training: IT walked through entire stadium with

Rays, Stone Crabs and opening day 3/4th. BCS San Casa Site: IT with video conferencing provides ability to share Retired BL-8\ITD SQL

Parks staff to ensure all IT items are up and working for their area needs for

setup remote PC for permitting, code compliance and inspections for BCS abilities to communicate directly with planners or administration if necessary;

information and gain approval




between agencies without migration from Microsoft

having to travel. SQL Server 2000

software, IT has shut down 1 of 3 remaining instances on this server. Migration of server allows IT to improve resource management for a better end-user experience. March Call Statistics:





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      Request for Service – (requests for new hardware or software products and features…etc.) = 214

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        Incidents – (hardware or software that is not functioning properly) = 363

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        Change Controls – (internal configuration changes to server and network) = 21

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        Phone calls received through Helpdesk = 199 Purchasing

  • Pre-bid meetings held: 10-124 Family Services Center - Fire Sprinklers 10-162 Rotonda River - Water Control Structures 10-175 Dredging of Sunrise Waterway 10-180 Specialty Mowing

  • Bid openings held:

Monthly Report, March 2010

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