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FALL 2010

>> A message from our President

In order for a business to succeed, I believe you have to invest in two things—the right people and the right technology.

In this issue you’ll read about marketing automation, a substantial tool we’ve recently invested in for our own marketing efforts as well as

Bob Clement

on behalf of our clients.

President/Co-owner While keeping up with the

best advances in technology is critical to maintain the level of service we’re able to provide our clients, equally if not more important is the human side of our business. Here at Allied, we have 8 people who have been part of our family for over 30 years, 11 over 20 years, and another 33 who have worked here over 10. We are very proud of these numbers as they are certainly not “the norm” in today’s business world.

And to top that, at the beginning of the summer, Hank Fontaine, who started part-time right after high school in 1954, retired after dedicating 56 years to Allied. He began at Allied as a second shift press operator and eventually worked his way up to become our Vice President of Manufacturing, in charge of the company’s quality initiative.

Like Hank, our people are truly committed to Allied and our clients. They have not only been instrumental in how Allied has evolved and succeeded over the years, but they have helped us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and achieve our ultimate goal…helping our client partners succeed.

Best regards,

Bob Clement, President


>>Websites: My fave 5!

By Jaki Gaudet, Assistant Marketing Manager

Aside from the obvious (Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), these are sites that I have in my “favorites” folder. You’re bound to benefit from one (or all) of these sites.

1 www.marketingprofs.com: A site with a lot of in-depth articles, case studies, seminars, how-to’s, marketing tools and more! It’s a rich and trusted resource that offers actionable know-how to help you market smarter.

2 www.stumbleupon.com: Channel

surf the Net with StumbleUpon, a site that lets you discover and share great Websites.They deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences that have been explicitly recommended by one of 8 million+ Web surfers with interests similar to yours.

3 www.monitter.com: Monitter.com lets you plug in a ZIP code, a radius, and three keywords. Within seconds you will get live streaming Tweets from people who have used those keywords. It can be a great way to find solid leads.

4 www.tinyurl.com: Need to shorten your URL to fit on Twitter or for a letter you are sending out? Tinyurl is a site that lets you cut the characters on any URL down to a manageable length making it easy for people to remember and enter.

5 www.websitegrader.com: How well is your Web site doing? Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? Website Grader will give you these answers for fREE. If you aren’t having your site optimized on a regular basis, then you should be using this site.

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