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only in the new forms of material but also as database rights in the repository itself.

The third section of the report includes a series of case studies based on specific multimedia content held in MIDESS partner libraries and identified in Work Package 3, the User requirements analysis. For each example the main issues are listed and best practice indicated. This work package identified: medical images which include photographs, audio and video recordings; photographic collections; film and video collections; slides of architectural works; recorded and/or digitised broadcasts; lectures to students and to the public; designs; musical work and motion capture.

The fourth section is devoted to good practice in the incorporation of multimedia in institutional repositories and highlights

  • Assessing risks and recommending risk management strategy - identifying risks such as copyright infringement by both those depositing material and those using the material in the repository,

  • Establishing the copyright status of the starting material including tracing copyright holders,

  • Emphasising the importance of record keeping both in tracing the copyright status and licences,

  • Having agreements with depositors to ensure that they understand their responsibilities to clear copyright and the rights depositors may wish to retain,

  • Publishing or displaying the material through institutional repositories

  • Having in place appropriate policies for the use of material

  • Licensing end-users – advising end users what they can and cannot do with the material – in particular looking at one Creative Commons licence version which has limited use and cannot be used where third party rights are involved or there is any chance that permission may be revoked

  • Negotiating licences to permit inclusion

  • Having in place notice and take down policies.

The narrative is supported by an appendix listing questions to which satisfactory answers should be obtained at the outset. These questions are accompanied by outline answers.

The report includes a list of sources, subdivided by category of material encountered in the report.

Disclaimer The author is not a copyright lawyer and has no legal training. Every effort has been made to check the accuracy but this report does not constitute legal advice, merely guidance. This report presents an overview and a snapshot of the situation at October 2006. Each situation will be different. The best way to approach IPR is to seek legal advice.

Acknowledgements Many people have helped in the information gathering for this report, especially those on the closed listserv LIS-copyseek where I lurked and searched. I am especially grateful to members of the project team and in particular to Lesley Pitman (UCL SSEES Library), Steve Charles (MIDESS project manager, University of

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