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KN:Yes, as a family we couldn’t go anywhere because we had to think of them all the time, we couldn’t actually go on excursions outside Durban, we used to go to the beach or places around Durban, but nowhere else.  We couldn’t you know even entertain friends, we couldn’t do - if people had to come to our house he probably had to go to his bedroom.  You know friends of ours because there is always that fear that these people the Special Branch were parked outside could walk in anytime they wanted to.

DS:Okay the Group Areas Act, did that have an effect on your family?

KN:Ja we lived - after then my parents, I think, initially lived in Central Durban, that’s in Short Street area for a while, then they moved, they bought that house in - at that time when they bought the house there wasn’t anything like the Group Areas Act.  In what’s today called Morningside in Stamford Hill area, and around the sixties, I think mid-sixties they had to move out of the house because it was declared a white area.  And my father being what he is, he refused to do so, and they eventually came there and physically moved him out of the house you know; they took his furniture out the house and he had to literally be on the streets.  And he didn’t find any alternative accommodation, and he actually had to go and live in a hotel for quite some time.  And eventually I think it was probably a year or two, you know, moving from one hotel to another until he eventually bought a house in Asherville.

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