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the United Nations, which they did.  And India was in the forefront of this, and they were I think one of the first countries in the world that imposed sanctions against South Africa.  And they had a lot of support, you know, as the Defiance Campaign and Passive Resistance, whatever they can, whatever support India could have given them, they did give.

DS:Okay, I know maybe you by this time maybe you are not even involved in, or in the bloody clashes between the Indians and the Africans in Durban.  How did your father view all this disputes?

KN:1949 the 1949 riots ja they were, of course everybody was

upset about it, but a lot of it was instigated by the Whites

also this was something they had some proof of it.  That the

Whites were involved in it, you know, pushing the Africans

to attack Indians.  Well look, blacks, which as you know, a

lot of blacks were killed also by the police.  But the

situation was defused quite quickly, you know. I think if I

can remember, the riots started on a Friday and Saturday.

They had joint meetings addressing people in Cato Manor

with the Africans and Indian leaders.  And by the next by

Monday, Tuesday, most of it was defused and people, I

Mean - it turned back to normal. I can remember that.

DS:Okay you mentioned that it was instigated by Whites. But the Africans, what really were they fighting for, do you know?

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