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DS:Did you attend any marches they organised?

KN:Ja marches - we used to go the marches they had, we used to have meetings at - those days we called Red Square, which is Nicol Square now, Nicol Square parking lot.  But the whole area was vacant and we used to have massive meetings there. I mean thousands of people used to come and they used to be addressed by both African National Congressand the Union Congress.  People very close in those days, both the African and the Indian community as compared to now.  And the working class marches were organised from there.

DS:Okay I just want to, you know, just to move away from the questions. I just want to ask you about your personal view on Mbongeni’s[Ngema] song?  You know, it's because you touched on, you know, the Indians and Africans.

KN:It’s unfortunate the way he brought it out, but there are probably problems, but I think there could have been a better way where it could have been addressed.  He is quite a popular man, I have listened to some of his music, which I quite enjoy, but I think he should have been more responsible in the way he approached this topic.  There probably is a certain amount of truth in what he says from what I can read in the articles, from the other side there is a lot of feelings amongst the Africans that this is really what’s happening.  And I think something should be done to address the situation.  It’s sad because I mean as I said

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