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and I worked in King Edward [Hospital], RK Khan

Hospital and then

when my father passed away in 1978, I took over his

practice.  And I’m in general practice at the moment.  

DS:Okay I just want to take you a little bit back.  Now this time, I’ll be asking you about your father; if you still remember where he was born and when?

KN:He was born in 1910 in Durban. They lived, the family lived in Central Durban, Grey Street area, Leopold Street.  My grandfather was there, named Papiya and my grandmother was Danamal.  They were born; both of them were born in Durban; their grandparents came from India as workers. I’m not sure which part of India - it was somewhere near Madras.  My father studied in Durban; matriculated in Durban also; then went over to Edinburgh to study medicine around 1930; I think it was, and then he completed his medical degree in 1934, I’d say.  Then he came back to Durban and opened up a practice in the Grey Street area.

DS:So in the community where your father lived; how was it; do you know - did they ever tell you that, maybe?

KN:In that area of Grey Street it was predominantly Indian area but it was mixed racial area there wasn’t any segregation at that time.  It was mainly a business type of area they were living in.  But his patients mainly came from the poorer section of the community like Magazine

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