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DS:Okay, his wife did she support him?

KN:Yes, of course, she did support him.

DS:Would you like to tell us a little bit about your mother?

KN:Well she took part - well she attended all the meetings whenever he went; whenever he went there; whenever he addressed it; and during the Passive Resistance in 1946, she took part in it.  And they went to Gale Street and protested over there and she was actually one of them that was arrested and spent about a month in jail.  Apart from that just moral support, which was quite a lot, because we used to have meetings at our house and, you know, entertaining people.  And that’s what I think.

DS:Okay, your parent’s political involvement, did they affect your life or the family life itself?

KN:Yes of course! I mean we never had a normal relationship in the sense that there was - he didn’t spend very much time with us although whatever time there was available, you know, he did spend with us, as children.  But not as much as we would have liked him to have spent, because most of the time he was either attending meetings or he was banned or was in jail.  So it did affect us quite a bit.

DS:Okay, would you like to tell us about his arrest?

KN:In 1946, he was arrested. He was - I think it was for six-months during the Passive Resistance.  He spent six-months in jail. I think this was somewhere in Newcastle and after that in 1948; I think he spent another six-months in jail.

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