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DS:Okay on these two occasions, I know you were still young in 1946 when he was arrested, but did they ever tell you the reasons behind his arrest?

KN:No, no not at all.  I mean they used to come two, three, four o’clock in the morning, just come knock at our doors and take him away.  And that was the scary part, I mean, for all of us.  They weren’t very pleasant, these people.

DS:Would you like to tell us the manner in which they came you know maybe they obviously there were people up and all this started they have guns with them or something?

KN:I was very young those days, I can’t remember. But I mean ja, they used to come as I said they come very - they used to come very early parts. They never used to come at a reasonable time like you know eight, nine o’clock, when everybody is awake.  Three, four o’clock in the morning, just bang on the door, you know, but you get the whole lot - a couple of cars parked outside and quite a few chaps walking in.  And just coming in searching your house, where we would be sleeping and they come and wake us up; and search the rooms; search the cupboards; looking for what, we don’t know.  But you know just whatever docu-ments there are, and take him away.

DS:Okay during his imprisonment how did your mother cope with the situation?

KN:She was obviously very upset, but she you know, she tried not to expose us to it, you know, we were still young at

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