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work together in order to fight the segregation laws of the country, at that time.  And actually it was quite successful there subsequently I think in 1949 when the African and Indian riots came about, they played, I think, quite a prominent role in defusing that situation.  

DS:Okay you mentioned Dr Xuma, and so - the people who are associated themselves with him, did you ever meet them?

KN:Yes, they used to come home quite regularly socially, and whenever they have meetings, they used to have meetings at our house, but I was still young those days.

DS:You said you studied abroad, why?

KN:Well at that time there weren’t - I probably don’t know - there was very few universities over here that offered us you know medicine, and I think that’s the reason I went away.

DS:Okay, can I say the apartheid system - did it affect you personally?

KN:Yes personally.

DS:Would you like tell us about that?

KN:Personally what do you mean?

DS:Like maybe it’s one of the reasons why you didn’t study here, you studied overseas?

KN:Ja well, I can tell you something that not very many people know what I of - my biggest dream when I was growing up was to become a vet.  And you couldn’t do veterinary science over here because there was no schools available

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