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(even when not poweredon) acts just like a traditional Les Paul electric guitar. When poweredon, you can use the Robot Tuning and Chameleon Tone Technology, as well as mix in the Piezo pickup sound.

      • 1.4.2

        Blended Electric/Piezo Sound

  • 1.

    Use a standard guitar cord to connect Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to your amplifier.

  • 2.

    Pull the MCK out, tune Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited, and select a sound, as described in the Quick

Start guide. 3. When poweredon, Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's output carries a mix of the magnetic and Piezo pickup signals, with the balance determined by the blend control (pickup switch toggle). Turn the toggle clockwise for more Piezo sound, or counterclockwise for more magnetic sound.


There is an option to determine if the Piezo out appears on the tip and/or ring of the stereo cable or neither. See Section 6.2, Functions 2 and 3.

1.4.3 Using the Gibson LPZ Low Impedance Output Circuit

Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's output jack is a “combo” type that provides a standard 1/4” guitar output or Gibson's exclusive lowimpedance, balanced output LPZ circuit. To activate the LPZ output, set the switch (to the left of the output jack) in the down position. The green LED next to the switch will illuminate.

Plug the appropriate plug into the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's output. For driving a standard amp, use a 1/4” stereo or mono guitar cable. For the LPZ output, you will need either a custom length XLR maletomale XLR cable, or use a standard XLR maleXLRfemale mic cables in conjunction with an XLR maletomale adapter (e.g. Radio Shack part #274015). Caution: When plugging the LPZ output into a mic input, never turn on the input's phantom power. This may damage the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited output.

1.4.4 (OPTIONAL) ComputerBased Systems for Live and Studio

Here's an overview to provide a hint of what Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited can do when connected to a computer. For more information on the many possibilities offered by combining Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited with a computer, see the companion *RIP Computer Interface manual.

  • For a basic computerbased live performance setup, load Guitar Rig 4 Pro into a laptop or

other computer. This software turns your computer into a “virtual guitar rack” with dozens of

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