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2. The RoboHeads will turn robotically, and the MCK's String LEDs will shine various colors to indicate tuning status. Here's what the colors mean:

  • Red: String not in tune, or not yet tuned

  • Yellow: RoboHeads are turning to tune the string. If the corresponding RoboHead is not

turning when its LED flashes yellow, there is a physical or electrical problem.

  • Green: Individual string in tune

  • All LEDs green: Tuning is complete

  • White: Short circuit detected. Check if a string touches the tail piece, the bridge, a fret, or

another string; make sure that strings are cut close to the posts, and that all strings are in the bridge saddle's center. If any part of a string touches something metallic that's not in the normal string path, that string cannot be tuned. 3. When the guitar is in tune, all LEDs will turn off and Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited will switch to the Green Bank so you can select a Chameleon tone. If all the LEDs don't turn off, strum all six strings again. This may be necessary if the guitar is considerably out of tune. It should take only one or two strums for Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to tune itself; pause briefly (23 seconds) between strums.


  • Turning the MCK during tuning cancels that tuning.

  • Pushing Enter while tuning switches Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to the Green Bank.

  • If you don't want to tune Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited but go immediately to select a

sound, instead of strumming strings to initiate the tuning process, push Enter briefly to switch to the Green Bank.

2.1 Instant Access Alternate Tuning

To choose a tuning other than the default Instant Access Tuning:

  • 1.

    Pull the MCK out. The Blue Bank appears by default.

  • 2.

    Instead of strumming the strings, turn the MCK to the position that represents the tuning you

want (refer to the following chart). 3. After waiting more than 300ms so that the tuning can load, strum the strings, and the RoboHeads will tune Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to the pitches required for the selected alternate tuning.

  • 4.

    The string colors indicate the tuning status, as described in the previous section.

  • 5.

    When Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited is tuned, the string LEDs will all light solid green, then

Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited will switch automatically to the Green Bank.

MCK position



Standard Tuning


Dropped D


Double Dropped D


Open E Major


Open A Major

Tuning (low string to high) EADGBe DADGBe DADGBD E B E G# B e E A E A C# e

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