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Rotating the MCK fully counterclockwise while in the Green Bank brings up the battery charge indicator. This shows two lines of green dots, two lines of yellow dots, and two lines of red dots. •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• ••••

If all lines are lit, the battery is at full charge. Fewer lines indicate a more depleted battery. Here's how to interpret what the lines are telling you.

    • 1 or 2 red bars = low charge

    • 2 red bars plus 1 or 2 yellow bars = medium charge. Charging is not essential, but will improve performance because all six RoboHeads will be activated only if the charge is 50% or above. With charges below 50%, the RoboHeads will take longer to tune because all six can't be active at once.

    • 2 red bars, 2 yellow bars, one or 2 green bars = high charge (recommended for best performance)

      • 3.3

        About Les Paul Mode

In addition to the Chameleon Tone possibilities, there is also a mode that causes Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's pickups to work like a Les Paul: The bridge pickup coils are wired in series and humbucking, while the neck pickup uses the north coil only (single coil). Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited enters this mode automatically when turned off.

3.3.1 About the Wiring in Les Paul Controls

The volume controls in a classic Les Paul interact with each other when the pickup toggle is in the middle position (i.e., selecting both pickups). Due to this interaction, if either the neck or bridge volume control is at “0” (all the way down), the signal is grounded and you will not hear any output— regardless of the other control's setting. If you want to change the mix of the magnetic pickups with the pickup toggle in the middle position, start with both magnetic pickup volume controls on “5” (up halfway), then adjust to taste.

3.4 Other Factors Affecting Chameleon Tone

There are very significant differences in each Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited Chameleon Tone setting. The tones were worked on for some time in studio settings to match vintage guitars. However, note that a guitar's tone results from a combination of factors. For example, putting a single coil in a guitar does not necessarily make it sound like the classic guitars that use single coil pickups. The four main factors influencing tone are:

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