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Important Safety Instructions

We value you as a customer—and want our products to give you an inspiring, and gratifying, experience. So, to insure your safety and protect your investment in the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited guitar, please read and follow all safety warnings and operating instructions before using this product, and keep all documentation for future reference.

Environmental Factors

Heat and moisture can harm your Gibson Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited. Please do not install or operate this guitar near sources of moisture, such as sinks, damp basements, leaky roofs, etc. and never store it near heat sources, such as heaters or radiators. Both you and your Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited will be much happier if you store and operate this product under safe conditions.

R.I.P. Audio Interface (SOLD SEPERATELY)

*RIP (Robot Interface Pack): NOT INCLUDED. *Please note: throughout this manual any and all reference to the RIP audio interface is subject to the separate purchase of the RIP box available only through Gibson Gear at Gibson.com

Power Sources

Use only the power source included in the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited package. Make sure any power supply cords are not located where they are likely to be safety hazards, such as on the floor where people might walk, or in locations where they may receive pressure from items placed upon or against them. Also, be very careful with any power source connections, such as where the AC adapter connects to the wall outlet. If this is jostled loose, the *RIP audio interface included with Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited may experience extreme power differentials, which can potentially harm you and the product.


Please do not attempt to service the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited or any of its accessories yourself. Opening any of these up may expose you to high voltages (besides, there are no userserviceable parts), so let our expert technicians handle any repairs for you. Speaking of experts, always send the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited or *RIP audio interface to an authorized service technician if any of the following occurs (contact numbers for service centers are at the end of this section):

  • Any foreign object (especially liquid) has gotten inside Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited or its accessories

  • Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited or its accessories have been exposed to water, dropped, or otherwise damaged

  • A marked change in Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited’s performance

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