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2. Choose the Red Bank by initiating a series of brief, successive pushes on Enter (each press should be within a halfsecond of the previous press) until the Red Bank appears.

  • 3.

    While in the Red Bank, rotate the MCK to the C position.

  • 4.

    Push Enter for more than one second; all string LEDs change to red to indicate the system is

ready to determine the string pitches. 5. Pluck each string individually to ensure the most accurate pitch detection. After the pitch has been detected, its associated LED will turn green. Damp the string you plucked, then move on to the next string. 6. After detecting all string pitches, Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited clears all string LEDs and switches automatically to the first User Bank of the Yellow Bank. 7. An outer LED will glow yellow to indicate where the custom tuning preset will be stored. If you want to save the custom tuning to a different preset, rotate the MCK to a different position. 8. Press Enter briefly to store the custom tuning in the selected preset (pressing Enter for more than one second exits the custom tuning function without storing the preset.). The custom tuning, and the Green Bank sound you selected in step 1, are now stored in this preset.


Lowest Pitch


A1 (55Hz)


D2 (73Hz)


G2 (97Hz)


C3 (130Hz)


E3 (164Hz)


A3 (220Hz)

The allowed string pitch ranges (with frequencies rounded off to the nearest Hertz) are:

String Lowest Pitch Highest Pitch

Highest Pitch Ab2 (104Hz) Db3 (139Hz) Gb3 (185Hz) B3 (247Hz) Eb4 (312Hz) Ab4 (416Hz)

5.5 Setting a Reference Pitch (Position = E, ID = R)

Although the most common tuning reference is A=440Hz, it's not the only one (e.g., some orchestras tune to A=442Hz). Or a piano may be in tune with itself, but not tuned exactly to A=440Hz. For these situations, Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited can tune to any arbitrary reference. The basic process is to tune Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to the desired tuning, adjust one string to the reference pitch, then instruct Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to tune the remaining strings relative to the reference string.

      • 5.5.1

        Setting a Reference Pitch StepbyStep

    • 1.

      Choose one of the stored tunings (e.g., Standard tuning) and tune Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to it.

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