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Function 12 Value 0

1 Note: When

EFunction correction: Compensates for different strum levels when tuning Result Switches off compensation to give an extremely slight speed increase when tuning

Switches compensation on to allow a wider variation in strum levels set to 0, you need to strum the strings gently during tuning

Default = 1 Clickstream 12 § 0 § 12 § 1 §

Function 13 Value 0 1 Note: A setti

Tuning mute: Disables audio output when RoboHeads are tuning Result You hear the string pitches change during the tuning process When the RoboHeads are tuning, the audio output is muted ng of zero can produce interesting sounds as the strings tune themselves

Default = 1 Clickstream 13 § 0 § 13 § 1 §

Function 14 Value 0

Tune count: Have tuning process happen once, or repeat Result Tunes once

2 or 3

Tuning process restarts one or two more times after first tuning is complete

Default = 1 Clickstream 14 § 0 §

14 § 23 §

Note: This function is intended for very low tunings where two tunings might be necessary to reach proper pitch.

Function 15 Value 4440 xxxx Note: Resolut

Global calibration: Sets global calibration for all presets Result Sets A = 440.0 Hz as calibration standard “xxxx” can be a value from 4300 (430Hz) to 4499 (449.9Hz) ion is 0.1Hz so you need to enter four numbers

Default = 4400 Clickstream 15 § 4§4§0§0 § 15 § x§x§x§x §

Function 16 Value 0 1

Chromatic tuner mute: Mutes audio when using chromatic tuner Result Audio is not muted when using the chromatic tuner Audio is muted when using the chromatic tuner

Default = 1 Clickstream 16 § 0 § 16 § 1 §1

Function 17 Value 0 1

Clipping correction Result Clipping correction is disabled (not recommended) Enables clipping correction to improve Efunction correction accur


Default = 1 Clickstream 17 § 0 § 17 § 1 §

Note: Deviations in the signal strength of individual piezo pickups can influence the precision of the Efunction correction. Enabling clipping correction minimizes this error by monitoring the signal strength over time (specifically the time a string is clipping), then using the results to improve the Efunction correction.

Function 18 Value 0 1

Neck tension correction Result Neck tension correction is turned off Neck tension correction is turned on

Default = 1 Clickstream 17 § 0 § 17 § 1 §

Note: Changing a single string's pitch will alter the neck tension, and thus influence the pitch of other strings. With this option activated, the expected influence of changing the pitch of one string is calculated for all other strings. If the accumulated changes for a string already considered in tune exceed a certain threshold (1 cent with highest sensitivity), the tuning process for this string restarts. Example: Retuning all strings in most cases will result in changes equal to or less than 1 cent per string. This will not have a noticeable effect on neck tension, so all strings will only be tuned once. If changing from normal tuning to dropped D, the low E string will be detuned 200 cents. This will have a noticeable influence on the other strings; so after the low E string has been tuned, all other strings are marked as outoftune again. This option will increase the tuning accuracy, but might have a slight impact on the tuning performance, depending on the order in which the strings are tuned. In the worst case, it will behave like “TuneCount = 2.”

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