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Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited’s power source is an onboard, rechargeable, Lithium Ion (LiIon) 7.4V battery. Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited can tune itself up to 500 times on a single charge, and recharges in about 70 minutes. Caution: Because this battery is a precision device, please follow these instructions carefully on charging, storage, and optimizing performance.

Low Battery Warning Indicator

The MCK Pickup symbol (next to the Guitar symbol):

  • Shines orange when the battery has about 30 minutes of charge left

  • Turns red when the charge level is too low for Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited to operate properly. In this state Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited switches off the Piezo out and onboard EQ, and the RoboHeads switch into “hibernation” mode where they will not tune the guitar. If the red charge level symbol appears, begin charging Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited immediately.

If you turn on Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited and the Display Matrix shows nothing but yellow dots (or if this appears during the course of playing), then the battery is fully discharged. At this point you must recharge the battery.

System Shutdown

Remember to shut off Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited when finished by pushing the MCK all the way in. This prevents discharging the battery unnecessarily. Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited will shut off automatically if there's no activity for an amount of time you specify (Section 6.2, Function 4).

Optimizing Battery Life

Proper care extends the battery’s life, keeps it operating at optimum efficiency, and preserves the highest possible storage capacity. Please observe the following.

  • Charge the battery fully before using Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited. Even if Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited seems charged upon arrival, that was done for testing at the factory. Initially charge Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited for at least an hour.

  • Caution: Do not use any charger other than the one supplied with Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited. LiIon batteries require specific charge rates.

  • Avoid full discharges that drain the battery completely. LiIon batteries like to be discharged somewhat, then recharged back to full capacity. Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited provides a good environment for LiIon batteries, as you’ll typically discharge it about halfway during the length of a concert. Charging the battery back to full charge after playing provides optimum battery life.

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