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If you encounter problems with Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited, Gibson recommends that you take it to an authorized service center. Although there are some procedures you can try yourself, be careful— if you have any doubt about your ability to do any of these fixes, please consult Gibson tech support.

One or more strings don't seem to tune correctly, but the rest do.

There can be several possible reasons for this problem:

  • The nut slot too high and there's too much friction

  • The lock nut on the string post is not tight enough

  • The string was strummed too hard, causing it to go sharp

  • A sticky string bar in the saddle causes pitch detection to fail

  • The accuracy setting needs to be higher; the accuracy setting is too low (Section 6.2, Function


  • EFunction Correction is enabled (refer to Section 6.2, Function 12)

  • The tailpiece is set too low, so the string touches the bridge base and shorts out to it.

Observe what happens when you try to tune the problematic string. Here's what should happen:

  • You strum, the respective string LED should start flashing red to indicate that pitch detection is active.

  • After 1 second, the LED should start flashing yellow (information is being sent to the neck CPU, and the RoboHead starts to move).

  • After tuning the string, the string's LED turns green to indicate the string is in tune.

If not, try these fixes:

  • Remove the problematic string and make sure the string bar is not inclined in the saddle, and that you can move the string bar up and down a little bit; it must not be sticky in its saddle. Sometimes just “unsticking” the string bar is enough to solve the problem.

  • Restring the string and tap the string bar gently. Check that the string bar is not inclined and that the lock nut on the tuner post is set tight.

  • Reset the tuning system (Section 6.2, Function 101), afterward disable EFunction correction (this must be done manually; refer to Section 6.2, Function 12).

  • If you are still having problems at this point, change accuracy settings to a higher level (refer to Section 6.2, Function 10).

  • If all else fails, tune the problematic string to your liking, and save as a Custom tuning preset.

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