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My headstock hit against the wall, and now one of the Powertune heads doesn't work.

If you hear a winding noise but the RoboHead doesn't move, it might be a connection issue from the powerhead to the neck circuitry. Inspect the tuning peg that doesn't work. If its case is rotated, rotate the RoboHead back to its original position (level with the back plate with the lit up G); this should fix the problem. Then, tighten the nut to make sure the RoboHead stays in this position. Avoid over tightening—do not exceed 1 ft/pound torque maximum.

For a “tighter” rhythm guitar part when recording, I wanted to remove the A, G, and (high) e strings because I kept hitting them accidentally, but then the tuning system didn't work. Why?

The strings carry low voltages and data, as well as provide grounding. The E, D, and B strings are ground. The A, G, and high e strings carry a positive voltage and data. By removing those three strings, there was no way for the tuning system to provide data on how to tune the strings.

The string LEDs are flashing white, and tuning doesn't work at all.

A white flashing string LED indicates a short circuit. The strings carry power and data to the neck, so even if only one string is touching a hardware part (bridge, tailpiece, even a fret bar) or another string, the tuning system won't work. Also note that if the Gibson "G" on the neck electronic cover does not start flashing once you activate the system, it is most likely that there is also a white LED on the MCK flashing to indicate there's a short circuit, and therefore, no power going to the neck electronics. Please check the following:

  • The string ball ends must not touch the tailpiece at all.

  • The strings must be in the middle position of each string bar.

  • Look at the tuner posts; the strings must not touch each other, so cut all string ends very close

to its post.

  • Check the tailpiece and bridge height, then adjust if needed.

When I tune the RoboHeads manually, the process seems extremely slow.

The gear ratio in the RoboHeads is 24:1, so you need to turn the tuning peg 24 times to get one complete rotation of the string post. This is one reason why Gibson recommends using the Robot tuning options, especially when restringing. Please see Sections 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8 for more information.

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