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Pushing down on the MCK (pushing toward the body until it clicks) turns off Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited, and stores the current tuning and sound for recall next time you powerup. (However, it's possible to specify a custom default tuning for powerup using setup functions in the Red Bank; see Section 6.2, Function1). When turned off, Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited goes into Les Paul mode, where the guitar electronics are deactivated. In this mode Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited acts and sounds like a standard Les Paul guitar.

1.1.1 The MCK's “Enter” Function

The MCK can turn to make selections, but also responds to pressing on the knob's center. This is very much like hitting “Enter” on a computer keyboard, so we refer to pressing on the knob's center as “pushing Enter.” You can rotate the MCK to make various selections, and “enter” your choices in two ways: Some functions require a brief, momentary press on the MCK's Display Matrix, while some lessused functions require a press longer than one second (but don't press too hard, as this will push the MCK all the way in to the off position). The manual specifies when to use which type of press.

1.1.2 MCK Details

The MCK's outer ring of LEDs indicates the MCK's position and when tuning, indicates the status of various strings. MCK positions are identified by symbols and letters.

  • Position/String LEDs. These 10 LEDs surround the MCK's edge. After pulling the MCK out, rotating the knob to a particular LED chooses a specific sound, function, or string.

  • b# symbol. Rotating the MCK fully counterclockwise to accesses this position, which is used often with Red Bank operations.

  • Rotating Arrow symbol. The text refers to this symbol as the “Rotating Arrow.”

  • Guitar symbol. Shows the status of the Piezo pickup, e.g., whether it's available to be blended in with the magnetic pickup and whether its companion onboard EQ is on or off. This is set in the accompanying Gibson Chameleon Editor software.

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