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Primary Sources:

  • *

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  • *

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  • *

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  • *

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  • *

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  • St. John's Well, by Mary O'Brien

  • Canon Sheehan: A Turbulent Priest, by B Clifford

  • A North Cork Anthology, by J. Lane and B. Clifford

  • 250 Years Of The Butter Road, by Jack Lane

  • Aspects of life: 1748-1998, Cork-Kerry Butter Road by various authors

  • Local Evidence to the Devon Commission

  • The 'Cork Free Press' In The Context Of The Parnell Split

  • Aubane: Where In The World Is It? by Jack Lane

  • Mikie Dineen, his life and death by Jack Lane

  • Aubane School and its Roll Books, by Jack Lane

  • Evidence to the Parnell Commission, by Jeremiah Hegarty, Canon Griffin and Dr. Tanner MP

  • Notes on the history of Millstreet, by Canon Michael Costello and Pddraig O'Maidin

  • A Millstreet Medley, by various authors with rediscovered material by Canon Sheehan and Eoghan Ruadh O'Suilleabhdin

  • Millstreet - "the cockpit of Ireland" by various authors

  • Aubane versus Oxford: a response to Professor Roy Foster and Bernard O'Donoghue by various authors

  • Millstreet- A "Considerable" Town by various authors

  • A Millstreet Miscellany by various authors

  • Sean Moylan: in his own words. His memoir of the Irish War of Independence

  • The 'Boys' of the Millstreet Battalion area by veterans of the War of Independence

  • D D Sheehan: Why he left Cork in 1918. A correspondence from The Corkman.

  • All the owners of land in Cork in 1872 (HMSO)

  • A Millstreet Miscellany (2) by various authors

  • Why Millstreet's history needs to be written by Jack Lane


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