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The following is a more detailed description of the Rules and Standards




Owner acknowledges that it is essential to the Resorts of Distinction Program that, and Owner agrees to, fully honor Owner’s obligation to “Host” members (provide Resorts of Distinction members from other Resorts of Distinction owners with camping and other recreational facilities) according to the following terms:


Hosting Resorts of Distinction Members

Owner shall provide any and all Resorts of Distinction members with camping and all other facilities and services offered at Owner’s Resort. Owner shall not charge Resorts of Distinction members any amounts to use Owner’s Resort or its facilities, except for fees as may be established from time to time by Resorts of Distinction, which fees currently are $10 (from travel account only) per night pursuant to the Affiliation Agreement (“Nightly Fee”). Resorts of Distinction does offer a Free Camping Option which if member chooses to participate no camping fees will be deducted from travel account for water, electricity or sewer hook ups (50 amp service my have additional charge if Owner charges additional fee to Owners members). Owner may also charge rental unit charges and incidental extra charges at the same rates it charges its own Members. The Nightly Fee may also be charged for each day a member may choose to use Owner’s Resort during the day only, without staying overnight (“Day Use”). Owner shall not in any way discriminate against Resorts of Distinction members’ use of the Resort. Owner shall not require any Resorts of Distinction member to submit to a sales presentation in order to receive reciprocal use rights. Use of the Resort shall be on a space available basis for all persons entitled to use the Resort. Owner shall always use its best efforts to host Resorts of Distinction members at all times and under any circumstances, subject only to the limitations in this Section 1.

Owner’s Resort shall not be open to the general public but, rather, shall be available for use only by Owner’s members, Resorts of Distinction members, and members of other reciprocal programs. Owner shall not under any circumstances deny use to a Resorts of Distinction member if space is available at Owner’s Resort when such member attempts to make a reservation or arrives at Owner’s Resort. All Owners must follow the hosting and registration procedures Resorts of Distinction may require from time to time for each night’s stay by Resorts of Distinction members.


Length of Stay

Although encouraged to do so, Owner is not required to Host any given Resorts of Distinction member more than two separate visits per year, nor more than seven days per visit. Owner may refuse to Host the same Resorts of Distinction member for a seven day period immediately following that member’s first visit (Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no maximum number of days a member may use Owner’s Resort on a Day Use basis, nor a seven day waiting period between Day Use visits). A Resorts of Distinction member’s stay at Owner’s Resort pursuant to the Resorts of Distinction Program may not be coupled with, or used in conjunction or in addition to, any other stays at Owner’s Resort pursuant to any other reciprocal use program. (Notwithstanding, Owner is entitled (and encouraged) to waive this requirement, in Owner’s discretion). Resorts of Distinction members may use the Resorts of Distinction Program up to a maximum of 365 days per any given calendar year.


Nightly Fee

Resorts of Distinction shall collect all Nightly Fees pursuant to whatever collection method Resorts of Distinction establishes. Owner shall be paid Nightly Fees collected by Resorts of Distinction which are attributable to a Resorts of Distinction Member’s stay at Owner’s Resort. Notwithstanding, however, Resorts of Distinction may retain an amount of the Nightly Fee as it deems appropriate or necessary, in its sole discretion, to manage, operate and/or promote the Resorts of Distinction reciprocal system. This may include promotional programs which give free reciprocal use to Resorts of Distinction members, which Owner will be required to honor without receiving a Nightly Fee.

Resorts of Distinction shall also have the right, in its sole discretion and subject to change at any time, to pay Owner for nightly usage in addition to any Nightly Fees collected. Such amounts shall be paid out of membership fees collected by Resorts of Distinction and/or other general revenues. Currently, Resorts of Distinction pays Owners $10 per nightly.

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