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  • (iv)

    Where applicable, local or state law shall determine the ratio of the number of memberships which can be sold per campsite or rental unit. In the absence of such regulation, Owner shall maintain a ratio which permits its members reasonable use of Owner’s Resort during peak and off-peak periods. Notwithstanding the above, in no event shall Owner sell memberships at a rate of more than 12 to 1 campsite or 20 to 1 rental unit.

    • B.

      Minimum Amenity Requirements

Amenities should complement the design and location of Owner’s Resort and the needs of the members. Therefore, the minimum requirements must be determined by Resorts of Distinction in its reasonable discretion on a case- by-case basis taking into account such additional factors as membership base, community standards, age of resort, and so forth. Nevertheless, the following are minimum requirements:

  • (i)

    Swimming pool (or other recreational water facilities).

  • (ii)


  • (iii)

    Sales office (which shall be separated from the clubhouse).

  • (iv)

    Playground equipment for children.

  • (v)

    Recreational opportunities.

  • (vi)

    Supervised activities program.

  • (vii)

    Security gate at the entrance (manned or automatically secured).

  • C.

    Rental Unit Standards

The following are minimum requirements for rental units:

  • (i)

    A park model or trailer home more than 23 feet long and new or like new when installed on the site, or cabins, condos, bungalows and motel-type units meeting minimum facility and amenity standards as determined by Resorts of Distinction in its reasonable discretion.

  • (ii)

    Exterior Condition: Paint, paneling, flooring, interior decor and roofing must all be in good condition. All types must have a well-maintained appearance. The majority of the units must have skirting or decking.

  • (iii)

    Interior Condition: The units must be fully functional, well-maintained and of good quality. Furniture must be in good condition and functional. Each unit must have a full kitchen and rest room and the units are to be clean throughout.

  • (iv)

    Site Preparation: There must be some landscaping or site preparation, with the majority of sites easily identified. Each unit should have a picnic table, barbecue or patio.

  • (v)

    Services Provided: The outfitting required for rental units must include silverware, dishware, and glassware, appliances, cleaning materials, hand towels and toilet paper. Linens, blankets and towels should be in each unit. If these items are a separate rental, the charge must be indicated in the Resorts of Distinction Directory.

  • D.


Resorts of Distinction may require Owner to provide Resorts of Distinction with documents and information, which satisfies Resorts of Distinction that Owner has the financial capability to meet its obligations to its resort members.



Owner recognizes and agrees that it is important to the Resorts of Distinction Program that Owner conducts its business and operates Owner’s Resort in an ethical and professional manner.

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