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Resort Developers Association and Resorts of Distinction

The Resort Developers Association (“RDA”) is a non-profit resort trade association committed to ensuring that its members follow the highest ethical standards in the industry. All Resorts of Distinction owners are required to be members in good standing with the RDA. Owner expressly agrees to comply with the RDA Code of Ethical Standards, as fully set forth herein. Owner’s continued ownership of a beneficial interest in Resorts of Distinction is expressly and specifically conditioned upon Owner being and remaining a member in good standing with RDA. In the event Owner’s RDA membership is suspended or terminated for any reason, Owner’s rights to retain its beneficial interest in Resorts of Distinction may be terminated by Resorts of Distinction’ redemption of Owner’s beneficial interest in Resorts of Distinction. Once its beneficial interest in Resorts of Distinction is redeemed, Owner cannot use Resorts of Distinction as part of its sales presentation and no new Resorts of Distinction member applications from Owner will be processed. Upon redemption of Owner’s beneficial interest in Resorts of Distinction, Resorts of Distinction shall notify all other Resorts of Distinction owners and Resorts of Distinction members of the redemption.



Resorts of Distinction membership privileges extend only to the purchasing member and his/her immediate family. The immediate family is defined as the husband and wife and minor (under 21 years of age) children living at home. Responsible minor children, carrying identification, their parents’ Resorts of Distinction membership card and a parental letter of permission, shall have full Resorts of Distinction Program privileges. However, a single membership entitles the purchaser and his family to occupy only one site within the system at any given time.

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      Owner’s Duty to Allow Members to Transfer

In the event Owner ceases or substantially ceases operations of Owner’s Resort as a private membership outdoor resort for any reason, Owner shall have the obligation to offer Owner’s Resort members the opportunity to transfer their Home Resort membership to one or more other Resorts of Distinction owner’s resorts as determined by Owner and approved by Resorts of Distinction. After such transfer, Owner’s resort members shall not be required to pay annual maintenance or similar fees to Owner but, rather, shall pay such fees to the Resort member’s new Home Resort. (Whether or not the resort member owes any amounts to Owner for the initial purchase price for the membership shall be determined pursuant to Owner’s contract with its resort member.) The obligations of this paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement, provided the cessation or substantial cessation of operations occurred prior to termination.


Owner’s Duty to Accept Members Transferring from Another Resort

Resorts of Distinction may require Owner to accept a Home Resort membership transfer of a Resorts of Distinction member(s) from another Resorts of Distinction owner’s resort. In such event, Owner shall offer such member(s) a Home Resort membership at Owner’s Resort on the same or substantially same terms as the transferring member’s former membership. Owner shall not charge member any amounts for the new Home Resort membership, other than annual maintenance fees, and any outstanding balance member owes for the purchase price of member’s Home Resort membership, as verified by the transferring owner and Resorts of Distinction.


Bulk Memberships

Owner can offer the Resorts of Distinction Program only to individuals--not corporations, businesses or other commercial ventures. No person can have more than one Resorts of Distinction membership.

D. Re-sales

Resorts of Distinction membership does not transfer with the resale of a Home Resort membership. Resorts of Distinction memberships are not the primary product sold, and do not survive the termination of the Home Resort membership if that occurs, through default, forfeiture, or any other loss by the member.


Site Occupancy Rule

The number of persons per site reservation is limited to one family plus two guests, for a total of no more than four adults. The member and his guests must travel together and occupy one RV and one campsite.

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