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New Guides at Tropical Birding: Andrew Spencer

Latest Tropical Birding Developments

I was in a hotel in Peru when I got the email asking if I would like to work for Tropical Birding. Needless to say I was quite thrilled at the idea; it seemed the perfect way to further my goals in life and explore South America. I started birding when I was ve years old, and since then my interests have morphed rst into bird photography, then into tropical birding (especially after a trip to Costa Rica in 2003), and more recently into bird sound recording. In the past couple of years that has become my main passion, and I have (an admittedly vague) goal of recording a many of South America’s species as possible, as well as to get as wide a representation of each one as I can.

Since that rst trip to the tropics I have birded in a variety of locations in Central and South America, including Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Chile. More recently I also started exploring the other side of the pond with a trip to West Papua. I guide for Tropical Birding mostly in Ecuador, but also in other locations in the neotropics to come (Costa Rica being the nearest planned).


In the summer of 2010 Post PNG Ltd released a collectors set of stamps celebrating the myriad of bowerbirds that live on the bird-rich island of Papua New Guinea. The brightest of these is celebrated on a souvenir stamp, with an image taken by Sam Woods on our 2007 tour to the island…

Nick Leseberg

Nick is one of our new guides, and will be based in Brisbane, Australia. After developing an interest in anything that ies at a young age, Nick joined the Australian Air Force when he left school, and was trained as an Air Trac Controller. This job saw him posted to bases right across Australia and overseas, including two years living and working in San Diego in the United States, and also some time deployed to the Middle East. He has even birded in Iraq, and has a stakeout there for Hypocolius if anyone is looking for a tour! In 2009 he decided to resign from the Air Force to pursue a career in birding, and after a two month stint at Tandayapa Bird Lodge as a volunteer in 2010, has become one of the latest additions to the Tropical Birding sta. Australasian birds are his specialty, and this will see him guiding primarily in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, but he is also keen to guide anywhere else the oce lets him! Tropical Birding has never had a guide actually based in this region before, so if you want to organise a tour to any of these places, it will now be a lot easier.


In September the new Tropical Birding website went live. Packed with many new features and including Live Chat, improved search functions, jam-packed with more maps and tour information than before, in order to help you pick the right TB tour for you. It also links directly through the Facebook so you can directly access the latest information from our guides in the eld direct from the website.


info@tropicalbirding.com 1-800-348-5941

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