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Challenges to the Seamless Continuum Concept:

If it was easy, it would have been done already.”

For every potential benefit that the Seamless Continuum offers, there is a challenge. Fundamental challenges to this concept include:

1.The need for organizations that offer youth programming, or have a vested interest in youth programming to collaborate, including academia, school boards, communities, social agencies, federal and provincial governments, and industry.

2.Encompassing the jurisdiction of all levels of government, and transcends the mandate of any one organization.

3.Acquiring stable, long-term funding from government. Funding of this type requires cabinet approval which is not usually allocated to a pilot approach. This is a long-term problem. Accordingly, a long-term solution is required. However, the window of time required to rectify the situation (as long as 10 -20 years) is longer than the mandate of any one government.

4.A general lack of program infrastructure. No single province or territory currently has all of the program elements in place to construct a continuum that includes the range of ages that could be targeted. Elements that are not currently in place would have to be created.

5.An approach of this nature would be very complex. Numerous aspects would have to be considered simultaneously.

6.Forestry instruction, and informed debate on forestry issues, need to be incorporated into the e d u c a t i o n c u r r i c u l a o f p r i m a r y a n d s e c o n d a r y s c h o o l s . ( T h i s h a s o c c u r r e d i n s o m e jurisdictions). 1 2

7.Ensuring continuity and dedication of human resources for the planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of the continuous approach. How would a multi-jurisdictional program structure be lead?


Thanks to organizations like BEAHR (Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources). For more information on the BEAHR program, refer to: http://www.beahr.com

Proceedings from ForestEDWest II – Banff, Alberta – January 2006

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