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Step One - Download and Install jOrgan

  • e rst step in getting a jOrgan disposition up and running is to get the jOrgan engine (with its various

extensions and other les needed to support a jOrgan disposition) installed on your machine. e following instructions for downloading and installing jOrgan are designed for a Windows or Vista operating system environment. jOrgan is also being used in Linux and Mac OS environments (see sections ...).

A side note: jOrgan is written in Java and needs the Java Runtime Environment in order to run. Java support

may be included with your Windows XP or Vista installation, as it is in Mac OS X. If your computer does not have Java, turn to Appendix A for help with Java, then return here.

At the jOrgan website http://jorgan.sourceforge.net/introduction (which is the ocial Internet source of all jOrgan information) select “Installation.” In the Installation window click on the highlighted word “installer” next to the light bulb. In the “Windows” window click on “jOrgan-x.x-installer.exe.” In the SourceForge.Net window which opens next and whose address is:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/jorgan/les/jorgan-installer/ click on the arrow next to the latest version number for jOrgan, which is currently 3.8. If you are presented with several options (as of today there are three—3.8.2, 3.8.1 and 3.8) you want the latest one, labelled jOrgan-3.8.2- installer1.exe. Click on that to download.

A side note: following the path through all of these windows is necessary because we want the one particular download that contains all the les in one package that we will need later on; this avoids a lot of going back through all the various download pages one at a time. Failure to get the full suite of jOrgan applications modules into one folder is a frequent source of frustration to beginners. All of this is explained in detail in Appendix A.

Another side note: version 3.8.2 was made available to the jOrgan community June 23, 2009. jOrgan continues to develop, so we will try to keep up with future versions by making the appropriate changes to this manual as soon as workloads allo .

After the executable le named “jOrgan-3.8.2-installer1.exe has been downloaded to your computer, double click on this le and the installer’s welcome window will appear. See Fig. 3.2.

Revised 12/30/2009


Revised 12/30/2009

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