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5 - 2T Accomp but I discovered, using the Customize Keyboards Window, Fig. 5.2, and trial-and-error that the channel assignments were actually:

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1 - Accomp 2 - Pedal 3 - Solo 4 - 2T Accomp. Side note: recent versions of jOrgan require that channel numbering begins with 1 rather than 0. So, with a little patience, you managed to get jOrgan to recognize which keyboard was which.at Customize feature is really handy; it would have been a lot more work to use the “Construct Organ” icon and work directly with disposition elements, but there is an even easier way to work out your keyboard channel assignments. Approach B—e let-jOrgan-gure-it-out way to do it. Instead of entering those channel numbers for your keyboards and pedalboard you can let jOrgan record your ngers moving on the keys and your feet moving on the pedalboard; jOrgan will use the information thus collected to determine what keyboard or pedalboard goes with which channel. Using this “no brainer” approach requires only four steps for each keyoard (likewise for the pedalboard):

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    rst, select your MIDI device in the Drop Down Panel for the keyboard you’re working with

  • second, press the “Record” button for that keyboard (each keyboard has its own “Record” button, Fig. 5.2)

  • third, run your ngers up or down the entire keyboard, pressing each note key as you go. Actually it’s only

necessary to press the rst and last note key so that jOrgan recognizes the start and end of the key sequence you will be using. What you are doing is allowing jOrgan to identify each of the “legal” signals that it will get from the combination of each note on the keyboard and its channel number.

  • fourth, click the “OK” button.

  • at’s all there is to it. You can look at the screen and see that jOrgan has gured out what channel your

keyboard is on and has inserted the appropriate number for you. is number could be zero, but if you have more than one keyboard, only one of them should show up as channel zero.

Revised 2/4/2010


Revised 2/4/2010

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