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Why is Beginners Guide Was Written and Who Needs It

  • is manual is a from-zero start up manual for people who are unfamiliar with jOrgan but who want to

build or use a jOrgan Virtual Organ, whatever that turns out to be. No previous knowledge of either real organs or virtual organs is required. One need not be a musician or even a computer programmer. Simply being able to operate a computer (particularly a PC) and having an interest in making musical sounds is enough. Be prepared to enjoy yourself!

Organization of e Beginners Guide Chapter 1 discusses the dierent roles that jOrgan fullls in the world of music and creative technology in the arts. Chapter 2 provides illustrations of increasingly more sophisticated implementations and applications of jOrgan technology. Chapter 3 and later chapters present step by step guidance on how to install and operate examples of the kinds of jOrgan applications that were introduced in chapters 1 and 2, and how to build your own jOrgan consoles.

  • e Appendices are intended to serve as references for the earlier chapters, containing more detailed technical

information as well as suggestions for other sources of jOrgan information.

  • e Beginners Manual has been divided into four volumes. Volume 1 contains Chapters 1 through 10, which

deal with getting a beginner up and running on whatever equipment he has at hand. Volume 2 contains chapters 11-15 which provide more information about jOrgan’s technology for people looking for more technical material. Volume 3’s chapters 16-19 are intended for developers—people who want to create their own jOrgan-based musical instruments, called dispositions. Volume 4 contains supporting material—Appendices A-F and a glossary of terms— for Volumes 1-3.

Technical References

  • e most authoritative source of information about jOrgan itself is jOrgan’s home site:


Revised 5/30/2011


Revised 5/30/2011

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