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    In playing mode (not “Construct”) Click on View, then on Recorder .

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    Click on black Eject symbol at far right .

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    Type in any file name you like to make up (e .g . the name of the piece you wish to record) . It probably doesn’t matter which folder it ends up in, but I would use the dispositions folder for the jOrgan version being used .

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    Click on Open . You have now created your first Recorder file!

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    There should be some red dots at the left, with the name of the current disposition above one of the top red dots, and the names of the organ departments above the other red dots . If this is not the case, and if you see the word “<none>” above any red dot, it may mean that the disposition Recorder referencing is not complete . Right-click in turn on any “<none>” that you see and use the editing opportunities you are given, to correct things . For example, you may wish to allocate the Console name to the top one, then allocate the manuals and pedals as you choose and as needed, to the others . Add or remove tracks to suit the particular organ (number of manuals etc .) .

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    Click on the red circle at the far right to start recording, then the black square when you have finished playing the piece .

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    The contents of your Record file are automatically saved whenever you save the disposition .

You may choose to close the Recorder Window at this stage, without losing the MIDI file currently loaded . This will enable you to have the Console in Full View, but you can control the Recorder by means of the icons on the Console . To do this, Right-click on the “Recorder” tab, and Close .

Alternatively, you may wish to open or create some other MIDI file . To do this, click on the Eject symbol at the far right of the Recorder Window, and you will be given those two options . At this stage if you click on Cancel or you close the “Open / Create Performance” window, this will have the effect of emptying the Recorder program of its current MIDI file .

  • e following is a somewhat more detailed explanation of the recorder procedure, if you need a more elaborate

discussion covering the same ground. Use the menu View/Memory command to open a “Recorder” window. Click on the “Reject” tab located on the upper right corner of the window. jOrgan will allow you to assign a name and le location to your new recorder

  • le. When you have nished selecting the folder where you wish the .mid le to be located and supplying the name

you wish to use, jOrgan will create in your chosen folder a new le with that name, to which jOrgan will append the .mid sux.

Revised 3/3/2010


Revised 3/3/2010

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