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  • e Recorder Panel should then appear (Fig. 8.3). e panel shows channels for each keyboard and console

that were referenced in the disposition’s recorder element. To begin recording, click on either the record button in the Recorder Panel (circled), or the record button on the console. en play your jOrgan disposition. jOrgan will record your stop settings, any other console keys or switches you change during your performance, all your keyboard and pedal actions, and expression pedal movements. Press the stop button on the cosole when your performance is

  • nished. Afterwards, pressing the “play” button on the console or in the Recorder Panel will cause jOrgan to replay

the recording you have just made.

Fig . 8 .3 - Stratman’s American Classic Organ Disposition, Showing Channels, Keyboards and Console

Using the jOrgan Recorder’s Playback Feature

You can have jOrgan re-play any of your older performances that are retained on your computer, by using the Recorder’s browsing capabilities in Figure 8.2 above. If you want these recordings to sound exactly as they did when you were playing them, make sure that you are displaying the same disposition as you were using at the time you made those recordings. Of course you may deliberately choose to have a particular recording played through dierent dispositions, just to see what it sounds like.

Also, if you want to try dierent registrations you are free to change all your console settings while your recorded piece is being replayed. jOrgan will incorporate those changes into your playback without changing the original le.

And, perhaps most usefully, you may treat jOrgan’s recorder-playback as a practice tool to play along with a previously recorded piece, changing voices and making other improvisations at your whim, or just taking advantage of letting jOrgan keep the time and the rhythm for you as you play variations on the melody!

Revised 1/16/2010


Revised 1/16/2010

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