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Esthetic Considerations of Using jOrgan’s Recorder

Okay, so maybe it’s fun and productive to be able to play along with a recording of your own playing, and to try out variations in stop-combinations. But what about just listening to jOrgan itself simply repeating what you just recorded; what’s so great about that? Maybe this answer will sound subjective, but I don’t think it is subjective. My answer has to do with a notion I call “shrinkage of acoustical space.” ere’s probably an equivalent technical term used by real audiophiles but I don’t know what it is.

When you make a recording of yourself playing jOrgan, or any other organ for that matter, the recording that you produce is usually stereo, which means that playback will involve only two speakers. Perhaps your playback system has a bass speaker as well, but that’s only three channels, one of which is non-directional. What a come down from the jOrgan you were playing when you made the recording! You might have been using ve channels (the equivalent of

  • ve dierent wind chambers), as I do, or you might have been using jOrgan to drive a real pipe-and-windchest organ

installation. In either case the stereo CD is a pretty poor replacement.

But, if you use a MIDI recording of the notes to drive your jOrgan installation, you get the full use of all your acoustic resources. In other words it sounds exactly like it did when you played the piece on jOrgan, because it is, in eect, you actually playing your own jOrgan.

History of Musical Instrument Recorder/Playback Features

  • is is not a revolutionary idea. Player pianos and player pipe organs have been around since the early 1900’s.

  • e technology fell out of favor for a while, then experienced a resurgence during the heyday of pizza-parlor-and-

skating-rink organs in the 1970’s.

For a recording artist like me, it is much more satisfying to an actual jOrgan recording of one of my pieces through a jOrgan computer than listening to the same computer playing a CD recording of the piece through Windows Media player.

Try this idea and see how you like it.

Revised 4/8/2010


Revised 4/8/2010

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