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Fig . 10 .1 - Dual Monitor eatre Organ

  • at’s where dual monitors come in. e musician-performer needs to see all the stops and to see them bigger.

Spreading the gamut of stops over two consoles, as in Fig. 10.1, is most helpful.

A side note—the two monitors in Fig. 10.1 are actually running dierent jOrgans, but as soon as I have gotten a disposition working in a fashion where it is divided relatively evenly over two monitors I will change the picture.

Macintosh users will be pleased to know that the dual monitor capability of jOrgan works on Macs as well as on PCs. I know this because the only two-monitor computer setup available to me for testing this feature at this time was our oce Mac G5, running OS X.5.7.

Installation of Second Monitor—You will need a special card and special software to set up a dual-monitor PC. See your computer supplier. My PC’s second monitor came from Dell, with a two-outlet card and the necessary software on CD. Make sure that your dual monitors are working correctly in Windows XP or Vista before you start up the jOrgan disposition that you plan to change.

(e following information comes from the Ergotron website http://www.ergotron.com/) How to Connect Two Displays to Your Computer Operating system compatibility Windows OS users: Microsoft operating systems have supported multiple monitors since Windows 98. Open Display Properties in your Control Panel to make adjustments.

Revised 2/8/2010


Revised 2/8/2010

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