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Macintosh OS users: e Macintosh operating system has supported multiple monitors almost from its inception. Select Displays in your System Preferences to make adjustments. Hardware set-up

Some desktop computers come standard with two video ports. In this case you will only need to connect the cable of a second display to the free port. If your computer has only one video port, add a second video card or replace your video card with a “dual-head” model. Alternatively, external modules connect to a single video port and extend a computer’s desktop across two screens.

How to Connect a Second Display to Your Laptop Hardware set-up

Many notebook computers come standard with an external video port. In this case you only need to connect the cable of a second display to that port. If there is no suitable video port, many docking stations oer video output for a second screen. Alternatively, you can utilize a PCMCIA slot to add multi-monitor capability.

Dual Monitors Option 1—Using the Screen Property (to be completed, with gures as needed, multi-disposition advantage)

Dual Monitors Option 2—Extending Main Window (to be completed, with gures as needed)

Dual Touchscreen Monitors

It appears that touchscreen monitors are becoming less expensive, which is good news for jOrgan users who need more visual real estate for their expanding virtual consoles. In response to a recent request for assistance in setting up dual touchscreen monitors, Graham Harrison provided the following procedure which may be useful to others in a similar PC environment (Mac and Linux users may be able to make appropriate modications):

My monitors use Touchkit drivers, but I had the same kind of problems (editor’s note: as the user who inquired) when I first installed them, so the same principle may apply:

The following assumes you have already set up your monitors in Control Panel (or with your Graphics Card software) as “Extended Desktop” .

I suggest you uninstall the touch-screen drivers etc . then re-boot and start afresh by installing the drivers again .

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Revised 6/30/2010


Revised 6/30/2010

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