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1. What Is jOrgan?

jOrgan is a software engine that allows you to build and play a virtual musical instrument, especially a virtual organ, through your computer. jOrgan is the product of the volunteer eorts of many Java programmers, primarily Sven Meier, and several other contributors who are musicians, sound engineers and other creative people.

  • is chapter describes some of the roles that jOrgan plays in the computer-using musical community. e next

chapter discusses specic ways to implement jOrgan for your own particular use.

A virtual organ—theatre or classical

jOrgan gives you the ability to replicate, on your own computer, a real theatre or classical organ (other “organ” possibilities will be described below). When you play a jOrgan “disposition” you are using the jOrgan software engine to perform all the functions of whatever particular theatre or classical organ is represented by the information packet that makes up your “disposition.” You are playing a virtual organ that sounds just like the real thing.

An implementation of a particular musical instrument

Every jOrgan disposition is a software description of a unique organ. It takes both the jOrgan engine and a jOrgan disposition to make a jOrgan virtual organ. Some of the dispositions that are available for download are descriptions of real organs that exist somewhere in the world or are similar to them.

A manageable collection of customizable sounds

You can use jOrgan as an instrument for managing, controlling, modifying and accessing sounds that you have recorded or synthesized, however unique and exotic they may be.

An orchestra that plays your compositions and arrangements

Because jOrgan is so exible in managing MIDI-in and MIDI-out instruments, including other computers, that you can use jOrgan as the sound-controlling performance instrument—in real time—for whatever software you are using to compose and arrange music.

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Revised 5/30/2011

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