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The Neutral Group In previous wisdom literature the "stranger" or "other" (allotrioj) has often, though not always, been portrayed as

an enemy figure. The allotrioj is differently regarded in

the Wisdom of Solomon, however, for he is presented as the victim of enemy actions.

The punishments did not come upon the sinners without prior signs in the violence of thunder, for they justly suffered because of their

wicked acts; for they practiced a more bitter hatred of

strangers. Others had refused to receive strangers when

they came to them, but these made slaves of guests who were their

benefactors. And not only so, but punishment of some sort

will come upon the former for their hostile reception of the aliens; but the latter, after receiving them with

festal celebrations, afflicted with terrible sufferings those who had already shared the same rights. They were stricken also with loss of sight-- just as were those at the door of the righteous

man-- when, surrounded by yawning darkness, each tried to find the way through his own door.

Wisdom of Solomon 19:13-17291

The "multitude" (plhqoj) functions as an enemy

designation only when it is further qualified by some less ambiguous or non-ambiguous term. Once, the "prolific brood of the ungodly," who are ephemeral and useless appears

291Allotrioj is used only one other time in the Wisdom of Solomon where it is maintained that it would be alien (allotrion) to God's power "to condemn him who does not deserve to be punished" (12:15).

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