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Such folk Job must have counted as friends. With chapter 30, however, they are described as laughing at him (30:1) and finally,

They abhor me, they keep aloof from me; they do not hesitate to spit at the sight of me. Because God has loosed my cord and humbled me, they have cast off restraint in my presence. On my right hand the rabble rise, they drive me forth, they cast up against me their ways of destruction. They break up my path, they promote my calamity; no one restrains them, As through a wide breach they come; amid the crash they roll on. Terrors are turned upon me; my honor is pursued as by the wind, and my prosperity has passed away like a cloud. Job 30:10-15

The passage provides a good example of the movement from respectful neighborliness (29:21-25)43 to outright hostility, With the movement to the present hostility (htfv, 30:1, 9) Job impugns the pedigree of these

"respectful neighbors." They are youngsters whose fathers

43 The neighbors are simply referred to with third masculine plural verbs and suffixes throughout the passage; the antecedent is ambiguous. It would seem reasonable to conclude, however, that "they" must include at least the

Myrfn and Mywywy of 29:8, the Myrw of 29:9 and the Mydygn of 29:10. These figures would agree quite

well with the imagery of chief, king and troops of 29:25a. The mourner-comforter image of 29:25b may reflect the afflicted members of the community mentioned in 29:12-13,

15-16: ynf, Mvty, dbvx, hnmlx, rvf, Hsp, and Mynvybx.

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