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164 A kindred situation obtains in one place in the poetic dialogue when it appears that God would crush Job and cut him off (6:9). Clearly God is the subject of these two enemy activities, but both of these cases of God's enmity stand under the cry of Job,

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    that I might have my request,

and that God would grant my hope. Job 6:8

Here, it is Job who stands behind the potential enmity of God.

Of course, Job and his wife are not particularly troublesome in their roles as "enemy behind the enemy" for Job does not in fact curse God, and God does not ultimately cut Job off. With Satan, however, things are somewhat different for his "enmity behind enmity" does bring results. Satan urges Yahweh to stretch out his hand against Job's property (1:11), later against Job's "bone and flesh" (2:5), and certain consequences do follow from this exhortation to enemy behavior. Indeed, even Yahweh admits that Satan was capable of inciting him to destroy Job without cause (2:3).

The most potent of these "enemies behind the enemy" is Yahweh. The conclusion of the first exchange between Satan and Yahweh presents Yahweh giving all that Job has into the hand of Satan while placing immunity upon his person (1: 12a). Rather than following this exchange with some notice that Satan or Yahweh then acted in some hostile fashion

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