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For dreams have deceived many, and those who have put their hope in them have failed. Sirach 31(34):781

He must concede, however, the outside possibility that they may be sent from the Most High. Unless such be the case, he urges against placing any confidence in them.82

Gold and wine are two tangible things which may destroy people.

He who loves gold will not be justified, and he who pursues money will be led astray by it. Many have come to ruin because of gold, and their destruction has met them face to face. It is a stumbling block to those who are devoted to it, and every fool will be taken captive by it. Blessed is the rich man who is found blameless, and who does not go after gold. Who is he? And we will call, him blessed, for he has done wonderful things among his people. Who has been tested by it and been found perfect? Let it be for him a ground for boasting. Who has had the power to transgress and did not transgress, and to do evil and did not do it? His prosperity will be established, and the assembly will relate his acts of charity. Sirach 34(31):5-11

81 Vv. 1-5 and 8 also portray dreams in a negative manner.

82 31(34): 6, ean mh para uyistou apostal^ en episkop^ mh dwj eij auta thn kardian sou.

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