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From the beginning good things were created for good people, just as evil things for sinners. Basic to all the needs of man's life are water and fire and iron and salt and wheat flour and milk and honey, the blood of the grave, and oil and clothing. All these are for good to the godly, just as they turn into evils for sinners. There are winds that have been created for vengeance, and in their anger they scourge heavily; in the time of consummation they will pour out their strength and calm the anger of their Maker. Fire and hail and famine and pestilence, all these have been created for vengeance; the teeth of wild beasts, and scorpions and vipers, and the sword that punishes the ungodly with destruction; they will rejoice in his commands, and be made ready on earth for their service and when their times come they will not transgress his word. Therefore from the beginning I have been convinced, and have thought this out and left it in writing: The works of the Lord are all good, and he will supply every need in its hour. And no one can say, "This is worse than that,"' for all things will prove good in their season. So now sing praise with all your heart and voice, and bless the name of the Lord. Sirach 39:25-35

The difference between Sirach and Qoheleth appears in verse 35. This goodness of all things "in their season"173

173 V. 34 en kair& = vtfb (Levi) is (together with Nmz) Qoheleth's expression in Qoh. 3:1-8.

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